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What benefits can you expect in the US

In May, the 2017 total number of people receiving any benefits in the US was 66 581 people. Photo

In America, there is a whole category of people who are incapable of working and who are not inclined to do this. Do these people have something to live on, and how does the social security scheme work?

According to State Statistics Service, in May 2017, the total number of beneficiaries, that is, people receiving any benefits in the United States, amounted to 66.581 thousand people, of which almost 46.000 thousand are pensioners, about 14.000 thousand are disabled under retirement age. At the same time, 58.312 thousand people received benefits specifically from the Social Insurance Service (statistics can be studied monthly, for each month in 2016 and 2017 - Auth).

Total in the first half of 2017, various financial benefits and benefits in the USA got more than 62 million Americans, and the amount paid to them amounted to 955 billions of dollars.

According to the National Insurance Academy, the average number of beneficiaries on average per month is more than 59 million people, but this includes all: widows, children, people receiving payments in case of accidents at work, etc. All statistics of the decade is precisely disability can learn on the government resource.

Who is considered low-income

According to IRS, if your annual income is less than $ 10 thousand per year, and you are a lonely person up to 65 years, that is, not a pensioner, then in this case you are poor.

In general, the “poverty line” ranges from 10 to 17 thousand per person, depending on who the person is. Is he married, widower, whether he lives alone or with her spouse in the same territory, how many relatives do he have.

If you suspect that you are poor, you can confirm or refute them with the help of non-profit organizations that provide assistance to the poor and, of course, contact your Social Security Department. There you will be given all the information.

Anna Bondar, employee Non profit a New York-based pension and benefit organization says: “You cannot say that a pension is fixed and you cannot say that it is not. On the one hand, it is - yes, it is fixed, but the amount is calculated based on who you are, how old you are, what income you have and whether you have it, how many relatives do you have and whether they sponsor you, do you have dependent children ( and a guide for single mothers - just such an option) ”.

The sponsor may not be a relative, but a friend, for example, but in this case you need a statement signed by a notary, on behalf of a friend, that he contains you.

Based on the results of this statement, as well as the presentation of a number of papers, such as taxes, incomes, a medical report on SSI, etc., a decision is made about what you are entitled to and how you will receive it.

Anna explains: “Different departments of our organization deal with different benefits, but by and large it does not matter who you approach at the start: if you approach me as a single mother, and I, for example, do not deal with single mothers, then I I will refer you to the right specialist. It's the same story with Food Stamp Benefits, just ask me about them and I'll find the Food Stamp Master. In any other organization, the order is the same. ”

One of Anna's clients complains - they say, the organization was able to "knock out" only $ 240 per month and food stamps for $ 190 based on the results of the submitted documents. He is unemployed, and this is the case when "they do not take anywhere": he is dependent on alcohol. But, as we see, he was not denied benefits and assistance.

According to the results of the application, as well as the presentation of a number of papers, such as taxes, income, medical report on SSI, a decision is made about what you are entitled to and how you will receive it.

Slippery Depression Question

When asked whether a person with depression is entitled to disability benefits, there is a clear answer from Department of Health, confirmed by law: yes, it has. However, the domestic point of view on how many people are really able to "retract" from employment due to the alleged depression, to be frank, differs from the official one.

Gennady B., a resident of Queens, tells ForumDaily, as the disability mother made out: “Her joints are very sick and she cannot walk, and for this reason she could not work. However, when I asked for advice in Social SecurityI was told that the disease of the joints is not a sufficient reason for disability registration, and depression is sufficient. Thus, it was decided to say at a psychiatrist's appointment that she was depressed because she could not walk, which, in my opinion, is complete nonsense. ”

Irina Kondratieva, medical assistant private clinic (Brooklyn), in a private conversation says: “Depression - if this is a real depression, accompanied by disturbances in sleep and eating behavior - is really a very dangerous disease. Such a patient is really incapacitated and, if he is mistakenly considered healthy and sent to work, the consequences can be far-reaching. It can throw out the window, for example. Who will bear the legal responsibility for this? Social Security? Department of Health? Private doctor? Doctor in the hospital? Do you know how many lawyers deal with medical errors and eat a dog on this?

Do you think a lot of people will agree to recognize a person who comes to the clinic and says that he is incapacitated because he is depressed - capable, and then be responsible for the consequences?

Therefore - yes, the vast majority of patients who call symptoms of depression and ask for help receive it. And yes - not all of them can work. Some simply do not want.

This rule works in the opposite direction. When visiting a psychiatrist and diagnosing depression, not all patients ask for conclusions about disability. Many take drugs and continue to work.

The vast majority of patients who call symptoms of depression and ask for help receive it. Photo

How much is it in dollars

I managed to hear a rather speaking remark from Svetlana, a resident of Brooklyn, who asked not to give her last name. She receives SSI precisely as a depressant, however, on condition of anonymity, she does not hide the fact that she has depression ... well, not very hard, for example.

Svetlana, on condition of anonymity, calculates: “I receive monthly SSI benefits in 780 dollars, and I am not entitled to subsidized housing. I also have food stamps, 125 have added, I have enough of this for a week and a half about. How do i live? Well, I have a two-room apartment for rent, and I constantly rent out the second room. I also work, sometimes I buy up different equipment and resell it for ebayand, as a private individual, I sometimes work as an art therapist, do webinars, give advice. On the cache, of course. But this happens infrequently, and this cannot be called a stable income, besides, I still do not take big money for it - $ 20-30 per session, sometimes a couple of times a month.

What can I afford? Well, the existence of a minimum: for example, I never go to events that cost money, only for free, or if someone buys me a ticket. Without a sublease room it would be even more difficult to live. But honestly, I'm ready to live on 780, I know how to get out, and the idea of ​​“going to the office every day to 9” is absolutely unbearable for me, I just can’t imagine it. ”

If 780 is multiplied by 12, you get 9360, that is, the very minimum 10 000, below which the client is considered to be poor.

A person who receives less than 10 000 per year is considered poor at the federal level. Photo

Disability allowance: how to live

Victoria Gorelik 45, who has had cerebral palsy since childhood, receives a disability allowance and a weekly special massage. The form of cerebral palsy is hard enough: Victoria takes food with great difficulty (and deliberately does it always on her own), cannot drink from a cup and speaks illegibly. He lives with his mother.

She has the right not to work, however, having arrived in New York, she graduated from a special college in the specialty “web marketer” and leads a website dedicated to people with cerebral palsy from home.

Vika also organizes charity concerts and exhibitions, raising money for the foundation, which, again, helps people with disabilities.

Here is what she says about the amounts and her lifestyle: “It’s quite difficult to live with that kind of money. In addition to the $ 780 per month that I receive, our family lives in an apartment that we inherited from the 8 program. For a while I tried to rent an apartment, it cost $ 900 or 1000. You understand that this did not last long. I rely on 194 Foodstemp. This is quite a lot for a healthy person, but people who have cerebral palsy need a good, healthy food, which they cannot eat. And these cards are enough for two weeks. As far as I know, $ 780 is the biggest allowance for people with disabilities, all other variations of payments are less. ”

Victoria has the right not to work, however, having arrived in New York, she graduated from college and works from home. Photos from the personal archive of Victoria

Who in the US relies on benefits, co-payments and benefits

Single mothers, pensioners, low-income, disabled (disabled). The last two categories are of particular interest, since with the first all is approximately clear.

Poor people can count on a housing subsidy - which will still have to be paid, but this payment will be an order of magnitude less than if, as a mere mortal, to rent an apartment or a room. This subsidy is not fixed - its amount depends on a number of client options. In addition to this subsidy, they may be entitled to food cards. food stampswhose number also depends on who you are and how poor you are.

If you are poor and incapacitated, then all three options rely on you: subsidy, food stamps and SSI (incapacity pension).

The poor and incapable are entitled to subsidies, food stamps and disability pension. Photo

Who is involved in the accrual and issue of money

If you are fired, you are supposed to be semi-annual. unemploymentbut it is semi-annual, and you can apply for it at Department of Labor и Department of Human Resourses in his state. These institutions can help you receive unemployment benefits for some time - if you are not taken anywhere.

In the fields, I can not fail to note the vagueness of the notion of “not taking anywhere”: some people manage to not take it anywhere for years.

But the official “don't take anywhere” is if the company refuses your services. If you refuse the offer of the company for the third time and the reason does not look like “I have to go far there” (which is confirmed by the address of residence and the address of the company), then the payment of unemployment benefits will be terminated.

Supplemention income (what used to be called welfare, now they try not to use this word) - surcharge to the subsistence minimum. This is a joint diocese. Human Resources and Social Security. But the spectrum of the work of the second organization in this matter is more active: it is she who is responsible for the accrual and payment, she has a special department, HR they just state how much you are in demand in the labor market.

Social Security Department is engaged in the calculation and issuance of pensions and disability benefits. Here, all payments are not quite permanent, they are just more permanent than unemployment & supplemention incomebecause the motivation is tougher.

Some types of disability need to be confirmed every two years (depression, for example), some are not needed (and here we are talking about really serious diseases of an innate nature, past illnesses with life-long consequences or injuries that caused irreparable damage to the body).

Social Security and HR they also decide whether you deserve food stamps and housing subsidies.

What social programs are available in the US

Social programs in America extend to almost all areas of life: food, medicine, education, housing, utility costs, etc. Here is a list of the most popular programs:

1. Temporary financial assistance for the poor

The program is regulated by the state and individual states and provides financial assistance for low-income families until they find a well-paid job.

2. Tax Return

Programs Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit on tax returns from the IRS - the American Tax Service - for low-income residents of the United States.

3. Additional social income

The federal payout program for low-income people. Elderly people older than 65 or disabled and blind people (including children) can participate in the program.

4. American program of preferential purchase of goods

The so-called SNAP program is designed for people who have a very low income or do not work at all. Allows you to buy food for a certain amount, which comes to a special debit card.

5. Special supplemental nutrition program for women, babies and children

The WIC program is for poor women who are awaiting a baby, nursing mothers, babies and children under five years of age. Program members receive useful products at chain stores for free.

6. Food for children

A program that provides free school meals or reduced price meals for children from poor families.

The program pays up to 5500 dollars to the poor in order to assist in obtaining secondary special and higher education.

8. Children's health insurance program

Program for children up to 19 years whose parents have an income higher than that required to participate in the program Medicaidbut can not afford to get good insurance for children. The CHIP program covers all or part of doctor's visits, vaccinations, and even dentist services.

9. Medicaid

State program of care for the poor. The program is open to pregnant women who are unable to pay for the management of pregnancy and childbirth, children and other people who need medical services and are eligible for the program.

10 Educational program for children "Good start"

Free educational programs for children from 2 to 5 years “Early is a good start” and “Good start” - for low-income families, both Native Americans and immigrants. Through this program, the child will get access to first-class medical care and healthy nutrition, while the Good Start Center can help parents find employment. In addition, parents can participate in parent-child learning groups.


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