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8 advantages of life in the United States compared to Russia

In the US, you will find a great many discoveries - sometimes bad, but still more good. Karina Kudinova in her blog for “Yandex Zen”Shares his observations about some of the things that are nevertheless better organized in the US than in Russia.

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Next - from the first person.

Of course, I can’t talk about every single city, so I rely on my experience of living in Seattle and what I’ve seen on trips around the country.

Parcels are delivered home

In the US, all parcels are delivered home, so you will never have to stand in line with the receipt. Well, or almost never - this can happen if the parcel is valuable, and you were not at home.

If you live in a private house, the package will put you either on the porch or in the backyard. If you live in an apartment complex, you will find the package in either under the door, or at the concierge’s office or in a special mail room. Now, Amazon lockers have appeared - they put your parcel in a box in your residential complex, and they send a code to the mail where you can open the box.

Apartments or Aparthotels

This item is not exactly about all the cities, but in Seattle, this type of housing is very developed. I know that they appear in Russia too. So in Seattle there are a great many of them - in any part of the city and even outside the city.

In fact, you rent an apartment in a house, but the whole house is inhabited by the same tenants as you. It is very convenient, all such apartments are listed on the aggregator sites, they have signs hanging - in general, it is very easy to search. And no agent is needed, no commission in the amount of 100%, no tricks with the contracts.

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Often, with such apartments there are all sorts of additional amenities - a gym, a business room, a cinema, a yoga room, a swimming pool, a sauna, parties, billiards, table tennis, barbecue areas - everything is already included in the rental price, the only question how much this rent will be.

No petty corruption

I only stopped being afraid of the police in the USA. The last time in Russia I was stopped on my birthday, when I was delivering friends to their homes. I hogged an hour in a police car and extorted a bribe. Realizing that nothing but Easter cakes, they will not get, have compassion and let go. I did not take half a year after that.

In the US, this will never happen. If they stop, then only if there is a real reason. And do not even think about trying to offer money - for it may be planted. They will be very polite with you, they will explain what you did wrong, and they can just let go with a warning.

But even if a fine was written out, you can always come to court to explain yourself - and most often the punishment is loosened or can be forgiven altogether.

Do not judge by appearance

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In the US, there is no bias about appearance. Just today a policeman drove past me, with his hand stuck in the window, clogged with tattoos up to his shoulder. And there are many such examples: here adults can walk with multi-colored hair, a lot of people with tattoos or just unusually dressed. I think that there is also happiness in it - to have the freedom to look the way you want.

The funny thing is, all of my executives in the US had tattoos. Everyone has! And these are directors or heads of large divisions in a company.

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This also applies to overweight - no one condemns anyone and does not give indulgent views. I go to pole-dance, girls of completely different forms are engaged there, and this is very cool.

No prejudice about age

Want to change your life in 30? 40? 50? Why not. No one will consider you a strange or loser due to the fact that you have not found the cause of your life by some age. Anyway, here people of all ages live life to the fullest - go in for sports, go to clubs, go on camping.

Recently saw a couple of years 70 on the first date. I almost died of emotion. They held hands under the table and talked about themselves vying with each other.

Worthy salary of doctors and teachers

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Being a teacher or a doctor is not only a noble occupation, but also a well-paid one. I do not even know what to add here. Of course, there are higher prices for education and medicine, but I think it’s better than poor doctors and teachers.

A deep bow to all my teachers, who raised and taught me, in Russia is a real altruism.

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And if you move away from the topic of teachers, then in general, even with the minimum wage set by the state, you can live well in the USA. Yes, such people also complain, but more often they have a car, they have enough for food and renting housing. This lower bar is much higher here.

Vehicles equipped for disabled

Do you think there are fewer disabled people in Russia than in the USA? I doubt it very much. But in Seattle, I see them everywhere - in shops, restaurants, parks.

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I would think that this is just a coincidence if I did not use public transport. In Seattle, I have never seen a bus that would not be equipped for people with disabilities - there is always an automated ramp and special places for wheelchairs. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the driver to help such passengers. If necessary, they help to enter, fix the chairs, and then help to descend.

Of course, all public places also imply an accessible environment. That is, the disabled person most often does not need an accompanying person to move around the city. And joyfully and sadly at the same time, I really want it to be so in Russia.

Volunteering is developed

Almost every non-profit organization has a volunteer program. More often than not even one. I think this is cool. These are opportunities for many people: for young people to gain experience in an industry of interest, for an emigrant - to join the environment, for pensioners - to lead a rich social life.

I was a volunteer in several organizations, and believe me, those who want to work for free is full, of all ages. So people come together and do something good for society together. They clean parks, help animals, organize exhibitions.

For example, I taught English to immigrants from all over the world for free at the central city library for several years. This little hobby helped me to adapt to the US at times faster, because I talked a lot with the Americans. And I just liked helping people. There you can meet a lot of great, interesting people.

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