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Significant difference: how gender, age, and race affect US salaries

Although steps have been taken towards equal pay among all genders and races, statistics show that even in 2019, Americans are still not paid equally. Writes about this GOBankingRates.

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Women have been successful in their many years of struggle for pay equity, but there are still differences. According to the Institute for the Study of Women's Policy for the 2017 year, the wages of white women in the United States averaged about 82% of the earnings of white men. Wage differences are even greater for women of other races: African American women earned only 65,3% of the average wages of white men in 2017, while Latin American women received only 61,6%.

The closest in fairness to non-white women was Asian women who received 93,5% of the average wages of white men, but even their earnings amounted to only 75,5% of the average wages of Asian men.

Men and women receive more money after 16-24 years. However, the peak salary for women aged 35 to 44 years, and the peak salary for men aged 45 to 64 years. After that, wages begin to decline for both sexes.

To see how much Americans earn by age, weekly and hourly earnings were examined according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS data tracks quarterly wages from the beginning of the 2000 year to the first two quarters of the 2019 year. The average annual wage for each age group was considered for all ethnic and gender grounds. The average weekly earnings were multiplied by 52 to get the average annual earnings:

Annual salary from 16 to 19 years: $ 24 232

Annual salary from 20 to 24 years: $ 30 810

Annual salary from 25 to 34 years: $ 42 952

Annual salary from 35 to 44 years: $ 53 430

Annual salary from 45 to 54 years: $ 53 092

Annual salary from 55 to 64 years: $ 52 676

Annual salary from 65 years and older: $ 47 476

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Remuneration by age and gender

A slight increase in the equality of wages between men and women has been observed since the end of the 1970-s, when full-time women earned 62% of men's wages. However, in 2017, women still earned only 82% of what men earned. Women received the lowest wages from the age of 16 to 24 years and reached the highest wages in the age group from 35 to 44 years, which is a steady trend.

From 16 to 19 years:

Annual salary for men: $ 25 870

Women's annual salary: $ 22 126

From 20 to 24 years:

Annual salary for men: $ 32 136

Women's annual salary: $ 28 860

From 25 to 34 years:

Annual salary for men: $ 45 968

Women's annual salary: $ 40 014

From 35 to 44 years:

Annual salary for men: $ 59 488

Women's annual salary: $ 47 606

From 45 to 54 years:

Annual salary for men: $ 60 398

Women's annual salary: $ 46 150

From 55 to 64 years:

Annual salary for men: $ 60 632

Women's annual salary: $ 45 630

65 years and older:

Annual salary for men: $ 53 872

Women's annual salary: $ 42 588

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Remuneration by age and race

In addition to gender differences, there are also significant wage differences for different races and ethnic groups. In every age group, white-skinned Americans earn more, sometimes significantly more than their counterparts of the same age or gender, but of a different race. Please note that BLS provides data only for the four main races (white-skinned, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian). For this section, the number of age groups was reduced to three: from 16 to 24 years, from 25 to 54 years and 55 years and older.

From 16 to 24 years:

Asian American Annual Salary: $ 35 256

African American Annual Salary: $ 24 960

Latino annual salary: $ 28 262

White American Salary: $ 30 550

From 25 to 54 years:

Asian American Annual Salary: $ 65 54

African American Annual Salary: $ 39 598

Latino annual salary: $ 37 622

White American Salary: $ 50 518

55 years and older:

Asian American Annual Salary: $ 51 012

African American Annual Salary: $ 40 092

Latino annual salary: $ 38 012

White American Salary: $ 53 482

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