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5 resort countries that have opened borders for travelers from the United States

These beautiful tourist spots are ready to welcome guests from the United States, albeit with certain conditions. Fox News.

Antigua and Barbuda. Photo: Shutterstock

Traveling in 2020 is not easy. The coronavirus pandemic has seriously complicated travel around the world: there are travel bans, quarantine requirements, and additional security measures are being taken everywhere. But if you're willing to take the risk, there are countries you can fly to from the US.

Some experts believe any travel this year is unsafe, and most people would be better off staying at home until the vaccine hits the market and the number of cases begins to decline steadily.

But if you do intend to hit the road, some countries opened their borders to Americans this summer, but with certain conditions. Here are 5 countries you can visit.

Antigua and Barbuda

Photo: Shutterstock

The country, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is now open to international travelers, including Americans. Currently, a temperature check is required upon arrival and a mask or other face cover must be used at the airport. Antigua is a popular tropical destination for its 365 white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and numerous hotels and resorts catering to couples and families.


Photo: Shutterstock

Americans can also go to the Dutch island of Aruba, located near South America in the Caribbean. Travelers from some states, such as California and Florida, will need to be tested for coronavirus and present their results before they leave the United States. Travelers from other states, such as Indiana and Montana, may choose another option: take the coronavirus test at their own expense when they arrive at Aruba Airport.

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Photo: Shutterstock

The Bahamas is also open to international travelers, although those arriving in this island country must submit a negative coronavirus test received in the last 7 days. Expect temperature checks at airports, new rules in hotels and resorts, and extended on-site disinfection protocols.


Photo: Shutterstock

The country has been open to Americans since July 12, 2020, although you will need to be tested for coronavirus within 72 hours before departure and provide a negative test result. This island nation is also trying to attract remote workers to the island during a pandemic. Thanks to the new visa requirements, you can get the right to visit Barbados and work remotely for up to one year.

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Photo: Shutterstock

Belize is expected to open its borders to international travelers on August 15. Not all hotels and resorts will be open immediately. Those allowed to open are “all-inclusive” hotels that can accommodate guests with everything they might need on site. Upon arrival, it will also be required to show a negative coronavirus test performed within 72 hours of departure.

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