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The secrets of air travel: the best places on the plane for passengers with aerophobia

Traveling by air very often causes people anxiety. Despite the fact that the plane is one of the safest modes of transport, many people can experience severe stress during the flight. According to flight attendants, there are places on the plane where especially exciting passengers will feel better. Writes about it Express.

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Many people love air travel, associating them with relaxation or meeting with loved ones, but some may find such travels creepy and intimidating. There are certain places on the plane that are recommended for those who experience emotional difficulties while flying. Flight attendants decided to reveal all the secrets.

One of the main causes of unrest among some passengers is turbulence.

A former EasyJet crew member named Matt believes that such passengers are better off boarding the front of the plane. Flying in this part can be more relaxed and enjoyable.

“If you don't like turbulence and you feel it strongly, then it is better to sit in the front of the plane,” said Matt.

In addition, impressionable passengers should choose a window seat.

EasyJet interviewed more than 10 thousand customers about their favorite place on the plane. 59% of them said that the window seat was the best place.

Those who chose the window seat were generally more anxious passengers, and the view from the porthole reassured them as they could see what was happening.

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Also a good option are any places in the middle rows of the aircraft. This is due to the fact that these rows are located above the wing, which also makes turbulence less noticeable for passengers. The farther you sit from the wings, the stronger the shaking will be felt.

To get the seat they want, customers should book their tickets in advance. Typically, window seats extend first and middle seats in each row last.

Despite the fact that the window seats are preferred by the majority, those sitting there will have to bother other passengers if necessary to go to the restroom or take a plane. Because of this place, the aisle can also be great for people who worry too much during the flight, because they can walk around the cabin at any time to calm down.

Matt added that passengers have more legroom in front of the aircraft. This can be useful for people with increased anxiety, because the additional free space creates a feeling of control over the situation, since their movements are not constrained by anything.

He explained that passengers should choose the first row or seats at the emergency exits if they like more legroom. But in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that there should not be bags or luggage on the floor, since the exit should be free in case of an emergency.

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