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Flight, hotel and even treatment: countries that pay tourists after quarantine

Since international travel has been significantly reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, some countries relaxing quarantine restrictions are considering paying tourists to visit them, writes Mirror.

Cancun, Mexico. Photo: Shutterstock

Countries heavily affected by the coronavirus crisis offer travelers to pay for their visits after the end of the pandemic in order to improve their economic situation. In many popular tourist destinations, the number of visitors is approaching zero, as flights are canceled and borders are closed worldwide.

Now no one knows for sure when the journey will fully resume. But sooner or later this will happen: the crisis in connection with the coronavirus will subside, and trips abroad will be allowed again.

Some countries desperately need travelers to stimulate the affected tourism sector. This is what they offer after lifting quarantine restrictions.

1. Sicily

The Italian island is ready to pay up to half the cost of the flight and every third night of staying at the hotel for tourists who want to visit Sicily.

The pandemic hit Italy quickly and severely, and the tourism industry was hit hard as visitors had to give up travel this year.

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Then it seemed that the opportunity to enjoy pasta and limoncello would be closed until the end of the year, but now the country is planning a return to its former life.

Vacationers will also receive free admission to some of the world-class regional museums and archaeological sites.

Vouchers will be available on the official website of the Mediterranean island. Visit Sicily.

2 Mexico

When tourists return to Mexico in search of tacos, sandy beaches and incredible cultural attractions, they can expect free hotel accommodation.

According to the Cancun Hotel Association, one of the new measures may be the “Come to Cancun 2 × 1” offer, which includes a free night at the hotel if you pay for two.

Other offers may include paying for a plane ticket if you are traveling with a specific airline.

3. Bulgaria

As in many countries, the Bulgarian government seeks to return tourists to their country as soon as possible.

In Sunny Beach, when the beaches open again after quarantine, and in other tourist destinations in Bulgaria, visitors will be offered free sun loungers, hammocks and tables.

On the subject: Hotels all over the world offer discounts on future bookings for tourists.

4. Cyprus

Unlike other suggestions, this is what I would like to avoid. But if this happens, you will be grateful to the government of Cyprus for taking care of you, your family or friends.

At the airport in Cyprus, a random number of travelers will be checked for coronavirus every day.

If a person has a positive result, he will receive free medical care, and the accommodation and meals of his family or friends will be paid by the government.

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