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3 things that are considered a sign of wealth in post-Soviet countries, but not in the USA

Author of the channel "Blog about the USA" on "Yandex.Zen" shared her impressions of what personal things are often perceived as "status" at home, but in the United States they are not considered a sign of prosperity at all. Further - from the first person.

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As soon as I moved to America, I realized that here is a completely different world where everything is completely different from what I was used to. I decided to tell you about three things for the possession of which I would be considered wealthy in my homeland, but in the United States they do not at all talk about a person’s wealth.

Expensive car

I certainly don't mean a luxury car. Let's take Toyota Camry as an example. In the United States, having such a car is not considered a luxury at all, even if you have it just from the salon. An ordinary saleswoman in a store or, for example, a teacher who works in a kindergarten can drive such a car quite calmly.

And with us, the saleswoman is unlikely to be able to buy such a car on her salary, or at least take a loan. Therefore, if at home you see a person driving such a car, it seems that this person should make very good money.

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Brand clothing

These are not tales at all, that in America very rich people dress simply. You can often see how out of some sort of Lamborghini a modestly dressed girl or man comes out in cheap shorts and a T-shirt.

Conversely, a woman dressed brand-name from head to toe may turn out to be a simple teacher at school or a nurse.

This is because ordinary people here can afford ordinary people, because in relation to local salaries it is not so expensive.

But for ordinary people living in the territory of the former USSR, even for the cheapest handbag from Michael Kors will have to pay half the salary. Therefore, at home, a person in branded things is considered secured.

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In the US, the latest iPhone model can be seen in every third person. An American would not even understand the delight that you bought yourself a new phone, and especially pride in this. This is completely normal and accessible to everyone.

If it is not possible to immediately pay for it in cash, you can take it in installments for 2 years without interest. Will come out about but $ 50 per month. And given that in Florida (where I live) the minimum wage per month is $ 1400 per month, and in other states - and more, this is not at all perceptible.

But if the minimum salary is $ 300, then to afford a phone for $ 1100 is simply impossible. Yes and no, I guess.

Do you judge the abundance of people by their things?

Original column published on the blog. "Blog about the USA" on "Yandex.Zen"

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