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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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What folk remedies treat the common cold in the USA: what surprises our

“Any nation has its own traditions and everyday habits, which may seem strange to a person from a different culture. Americans are no exception. Sometimes we are surprised by their food, preferences in clothing and interior, but today I’ll talk about what common remedies are used to treat colds in the USA, ”the author writes blog "50 shades of New York" on "Yandex.Zen".

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Next - from the first person.

Ice. You won’t believe it, but Americans relieve sore throats by dissolving ice cubes or eating ice cream in large spoons. Moreover, they do this with the approval of doctors who consider cold an effective way to increase immunity. No scarves and knitted socks. Here, in principle, it is not customary to confuse children, therefore people are very seasoned - they easily dress, put ice in any drinks and always turn on the air conditioner to the full.

Chicken soup. If you and I are used to eating soup for lunch almost every day, then the residents of the United States clearly associate this dish with the disease. It is believed that chicken stock has medicinal properties, and periodically, American scientists even confirm this fact with research. Far from always the soup is cooked by a caring hostess - it is often warmed up by the purchase, from a can.

Echinacea. This is a plant that has long been growing in North America. The Indians knew about its healing properties. They treated the infusion of Echinacea petals for colds, pain, and even poisonous reptile bites. Today, echinacea is known to the world as an immunostimulating agent. Americans buy it in capsule form and take it at the first symptoms of acute respiratory infections - they say it helps.

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Marshmallows. This is astounding, but in the US, some people believe that marshmallows (soft marshmallow pads) help cure a sore throat. It seems that this is complete nonsense. If you believe the doctors, it is, but this myth has a very real background: earlier, the marshmallow included medicinal marshmallow, which was then replaced with gelatin. Probably, the marshmallows once loved by the Americans really helped.

Ginger. You and I are also brewing the root of ginger in the event of an illness, but this recipe came to us from the USA. Americans have long been treated with this useful plant, generously flavoring the decoction with honey and lemon slices. They say that some complicate the composition with hot pepper and even garlic, but I personally did not come across such experimenters.

Vitamin C in hefty jars. In my opinion, this is a good American classic. Residents of the United States are great connoisseurs of dietary supplements and vitamins, because in their pharmacies it is impossible to buy serious medicines without a prescription. They say that a huge oval capsule with 1000 mg of vitamin C, taken at the first symptoms of a cold, works wonders.

I think some of the points I have listed surprised you as much as I did. Finally, I will give advice - it’s better not to self-medicate, but always follow the doctor’s instructions. And certainly after reading this article it’s not worth it to overeat with ice, because what is good for an American is not a fact for a Russian.

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