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15 New York City Travel

The weekend is a good time to get out of town, forget about business and spend time with loved ones in nature. Edition The crazy tourists 15 has chosen places to travel in New York for every taste.

1. Cold spring

This place not far from New York attracts both hikers and kayakers. Experienced travelers say it is especially beautiful in the fall.

2. Aurora

Also known as Aurora-On-Cayuga. A small town with a population of just a thousand people. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of a real village and forget about the bustle of the city.

3. Ithaca

Everything you need to relax: the forest, waterfalls, restaurants, beautiful views in the vicinity of Cayuga Lake.

4. Rackett lake

Great place to spend a weekend. The town is located on the shore of the lake. Tourists can also enjoy mountain walks.

5. Cooperstone

Baseball Hall of Fame - fans from all over the country come to see it. Also, tourists are advised to visit The Fenimore Art Museum.

6. Lake placid

This place was named by US News & World Report as one of 6 “forgotten vacation spots”. Capital of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. The highest mountain in the state is also located here.

7. Chittenango

The birthplace of the author of "The Wizard of Oz" - Lyman Baum. Every spring there is a magical festival in honor of the author of the fairy tale.

8. New paltz

The small village on the shores of Wallkill River was founded in the 17 century. Today this place is famous primarily for its extensive student campus and incredible views of the Hudson.

9. Greenport

Forbes magazine called this town one of the most beautiful in the United States. It is also known for its wine cellars.

10. Saratoga Springs

Town with 200-year history. Every summer the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York City Ballet perform here.

11. Pouling

Place near the Berkshire Mountains. Great for lovers of mountain walks. For a couple of days you will surely forget the noise of the megalopolis.

12. Jeneva

Small friendly town. Another must-see route for those who want to try the wine from the local cellars.

13. Scantetels

This place is recommended for traveling on 1 day, especially for lovers of hiking. Great place for a picnic.

14. Westfield

The town on the shores of Lake Erie. Wine and fish lovers will be delighted.

15. Sleepy Hollow

Small town will appreciate the lovers of American folklore. You can also just walk around the charming town.

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