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How a 29 year-old nomad makes millions traveling the US in a van

When 29-year-old Wayne Mann has an alarm clock, he doesn't jump out of bed or tie his tie to get to the subway as quickly as possible. He gets up, puts on his shorts, jumps into his van and rides around one of the US national parks, writes CNBC.

Photo: @mann_on_the_gram

“I wake up with anticipation to see a new place, adventure and new events await me. It makes you feel alive, ”says Mann.

He is a digital nomad - a new type of entrepreneurs who earn their living while traveling the world. He and his girlfriend Hannah traveled at the end of last year, and since then, they drove their Mercedes Sprinter 2006 van over 25 thousands of kilometers, visiting 11 states.

29, the summer founder and CEO of Vibes, believes that changing his lifestyle has made him more productive. Sales of its products at the end of 2017 amounted to 2 million dollars.

“Every day is a new trip. The brain has to be vigilant all the time, and therefore work days become hyper-productive, ”he says.

Technology and the availability of Wi-Fi allow Mann and Hanna to work remotely and conduct business, which remained in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

According to Mann, the nomadic way of life has made him more disciplined and responsible in relation to the use of time.

“It’s very important to follow the structure of the working hours if you work full-time,” says Mann, who synchronizes his work hours with those of his Minnesota colleagues, no matter which of the four continents he is on.

What does a typical mann day look like:

5: 45 - Lifting and Exercising .;

7: 00 - The beginning of the working day, most often from a van, but sometimes from a cafe or co-working;

15: 00 - Completion of work, study of the terrain, housework and work planning the next day;

19: 00 - Moving to the next destination;

21: 00 - Hang up.

Lifestyle changes did not adversely affect Mann’s financial position. He spent 50 thousand dollars on a van, but at the same time his monthly expenses were reduced by 30% due to the fact that he began to rent his apartment in Minneapolis. When traveling, he mostly stops at free parking.

Photo: @mann_on_the_gram

According to him, for the 9 months of travel, he only 8 once stayed in paid places.

He also began to spend less on unnecessary things.

“When you only have 9 square meters of space, you have very limited storage space. It forces you to go for minimalism, ”says Mann.

According to him, the bulk of the cost is fuel, the price of which varies greatly from state to state and distance, food, for which he usually spends 12 dollars a day.

He advises those who are thinking about such a lifestyle to try to start renting a van, on a resource such as Outdoorsy, and see if this kind of life suits them.

“I rented different types of vehicles to determine which type was most convenient for me and what amenities were necessary for this lifestyle in order to stay productive and enjoy travel,” he says.

Mann is not going to give up such a lifestyle, and his business continues to flourish.

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