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11 oddities that are specific to New Yorkers.

New Yorkers are very easy to distinguish as soon as they are outside the state or country. They have unique features that could only be acquired here in Empire State.

Photo: Glenda Popielarski / Flickr

Here are some of the main oddities that are typical only for New Yorkers:

  1. Most of our residents argue about who really lives in upstate New York.

Only here can people who live in 100 miles (160 km) from each other, both of them claim that they live in upstate New York. Everything is so confusing, because over the past years, right before our eyes, this dilapidated area of ​​New York has grown so much.

  1. When we return home after leaving, we look forward to the grocery shopping trip.

Photo: Chris Waits / Flickr

Regardless of which area of ​​New York you live in, you will certainly be familiar with Wegmans. This is not just a grocery store, it is part of our home, for which we allot a special place in our hearts.

  1. We become beastly when we hear someone say "in Long Island" instead of "on Long Island"

Photo: vishwaant avk / Flickr

The separate world of Long Island is the magical region of New York. All the people of this island are asking for - just use the correct terminology.

  1. We have a little obsession with salted potatoes ... and just salt.

Embark on a journey through central New York, and you will see how our residents love salted potatoes. We even have the Salt Museum in the village of Liverpool.

  1. On any day of the week, we prefer grape pie to any other.

Photo: Marie W./Yelp

In Finger Lakes, where grapes have become a true way of life, our residents prefer to enjoy wine and grape pies every day.

  1. We argue with each other about which New York team is really the best.

Photo: Lea Monroe / Only In Your State

First we will argue about the Yankees, then about the Mets. And going to football topics, we will argue about the New York Giants, Jets and Buffalo Bills. This great debate never ends.

  1. We go to work and school, regardless of weather conditions.

Photo: Anthony Quintano / Flickr

  1. If we find a secret picturesque place, we are not going to share it with anyone.

Photo: Lea Monroe / Only In Your State

We do not mark our location in social networks. We do not want to give out our secrets!

  1. As soon as the cold weather comes, we immediately take out all our winter equipment, as quickly as possible, including the North Face jackets.

Photo: Francis Bourgouin / Flickr

The first cold mean that there is no turning back. Severe frosts can strike quite suddenly, and we will definitely wear our warm North Face jackets.

  1. We will never believe that the best bagels, pizza or chicken wings exist anywhere else outside the state of New York.

Photo: Yutaka Seki / Flickr

What are the delicious chicken wings in Buffalo! And what an incredible pizza in New York City! And there is no other state in which our favorite dishes would be just as tasty.

  1. As for the city of New York, we almost always avoid mentioning this part of our state in conversation.

Photo: Aurelien Guichard / Flickr

Most state residents do not like the fact that they are associated only with this city. After all, we can see much more than just Times Square.

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