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A Ukrainian living in Texas was sentenced to 6 months in prison for being late in paying child support

In Texas, an immigrant from Ukraine was sentenced to 180 days in prison for non-payment of alimony back in 2020. And, according to Stas, he was only a few days late with the payment. This story was told Roman Gavrilov on his Facebook page.

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“We, members of the Ukrainian-Russian community of Texas, are deeply concerned by the verdict handed down by Judge Lindsey Wynn of the Collin County of Texas Judicial Court 468 against our community member Stanislav Bilder. He was sentenced to 180 days in prison for late payment of alimony back in 2020, the open letter says. - At that time, Stas was actively looking for work and struggled to find the necessary amount. He made sure to pay the entire amount just a few days after the deadline, although all the necessary documents were submitted by his lawyer. Knowing that the amount of child support paid to him over time exceeded $ 61, Judge Wynn, without the slightest remorse, sentenced him to 000 days in prison.

Gavrilov claims that Stas is a good and law-abiding person. He is an experienced and highly sought-after IT engineer working for one of the major consulting companies and a "loving father".

“As a Ukrainian-born US citizen, Stas has been a constant supporter of the Ukrainian army and civilians since Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine, coordinating material aid and fundraising. What's more, his 70-year-old mother currently lives in Kharkiv, which is bombarded daily by Russian artillery and rockets. In a city that has turned into a branch of hell on earth, ”the author of the post notes.

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In addition, Stas became a sponsor of his sister and her child, who moved to the United States under a special federal program for Ukrainians. My sister's husband stayed to fight in Ukraine.

“Now his whole life is ruined. A man is jailed for six months, he owes a huge amount of money to the lawyers of the other side, which he cannot repay while in prison, and he is fired from his job, because no Big Four consulting company will hire a person with a criminal record. This is a vicious circle, ”Roman laments.

At the same time, it is noted that the incident with the delay in alimony was a single one, and in the future Stas continued to pay on time.

“Everyone who has ever come to the court hearings in this case noticed that Judge Wynn was prejudiced against Mr. Bilder. She never listened to the accused and his lawyers, did not take into account the testimony of Stas's witnesses, and more than welcomed and condescendingly treated the accusations and assumptions of the other side. Stas's witnesses were often removed from court hearings. All payment receipts and lawyer's notes were rejected," Roman said.

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He did not directly say that perhaps the judge had a personal interest in this case, but noted a great bias towards Stas at the hearing.

Members of the Ukrainian-Russian community in Texas demanded that Bilder be released, that the case be reconsidered, and that their voice be heard. In an update to the post, Roman wrote that Stas is now free, but his "fight is not over yet."

"Greetings to all! Stas was released from prison today. I have to tell you all: you people are amazing! Thank you for all your support and your activity. You have no idea how strong you are when you are together. We are strong. Just remember this feeling. Meanwhile, Stas' fight is not over yet. He will have to go through some trials, but I am sure that justice will prevail,” Roman wrote.

Stas commented on this post, thanked everyone and added that "there will be more."

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