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'I was going crazy': Wisconsin millennial won the third largest jackpot in US lottery history

Millennial won the third highest jackpot in US lottery history and the second largest Powerball in history.

Photo: YouTube video screenshot /TODAY'S TMJ4

24-year-old man from the suburb of Milwaukee said he screamed a few minutes from overwhelming emotions right after he realized that he had won the Powerball jackpot $ 768 million dollars.

Manuel Franco from West Allis said that his heart sank when he realized that one of the 10 Powerball tickets he had bought last month was winning.

“It was like I was going crazy,” Franco said. - I looked at the other three numbers, they all coincided. My heart started beating hard and I screamed. "

Manuel spoke at a press conference on Tuesday in Madison, where the headquarters of the Wisconsin lottery is located.

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The winning ticket was sold at the Speedway gas station in the suburbs of New Berlin, a city with a population of about 40 000 people, about 14 miles southwest of Milwaukee. According to officials, refueling will receive $ 100 thousand for the sale of a winning ticket.

Franco told reporters that a couple of days after the win, he quit his job, but declined to say where he worked.

The guy plans to spend his new wealth wisely and wants to "help the world." He also added that he knows how to say “no!”, If someone suddenly covets his winnings.

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According to polls, Americans would react differently to winning a multi-million jackpot:

  • 74,8% of respondents would take the entire amount at once, 25,2% would divide the amount into several annual payments;
  • 43,4% of respondents would immediately claim a win, 56,6% would wait some time before announcing a win;
  • 80,1% of respondents would consult about options for investing money with a lawyer / accountant / financial advisor, 19,9% would decide the fate of the win;
  • 90,7% would prefer to remain anonymous if won, 9,3% would publicly announce a win;
  • 48,1% of respondents would have quit their jobs if they won; 51.9% would continue to work.
  • 63,6% would hire a financial advisor to manage the money, 36,2% would manage the finances on their own.

It is known that the winner chose a one-time payment of $ 477 million.

Lottery fever covers the USA several times a year. The last major surge in interest in the lottery was after a woman from South Carolina in October 2018 won the Mega Millions top prize at 1,5 billion dollars. Taking her money, she wished to preserve anonymity. After this draw at the points of sale, queues formed of those who wanted to buy Mega Millions tickets.

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According to the Powerball website, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 to 292 201 338. At the same time, approximately 1 out of every 24,87 ticket sold. Powerball wins a prize - a minimum of 4 dollars.

Winners usually have from 90 days to one year to claim their right to win, depending on the jurisdiction of the sale. Expiry dates are indicated on the back of tickets.

Powerball is played in the 44 states, as well as in Washington, DC, in Puerto Rico, and in the US Virgin Islands. Tickets cost $ 2.

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