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Tropical storm Josephine has formed in the Atlantic and has already set a record

Tropical Storm Josephine, while continuing to maintain the record pace of the hurricane season, formed in the Atlantic. Writes about it CNN.

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According to the National Hurricane Center, as of 11:00 AM on Aug. 13, the wind in the tropical storm was intensifying and reaching 45 mph (72,4 km per hour).

This increased intensity was strong enough for the NHC to call it a tropical storm and give it a name, making it the earliest J-named (Josephine) storm ever formed in the Atlantic.

The previous record holder was Jose, who formed on August 22 during the historic 2005 hurricane season.

Storm Josephine is located approximately 975 miles (1 km) east of the Leeward Islands and is heading northwest.

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"The storm is likely to continue to intensify, but is expected to be located north of the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico over the weekend," suggests CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen.

The storm will face a hostile environment over the weekend. It will likely weaken to a depression when it turns north into the open Atlantic next week.

This storm formed in the wake of updated forecasts for the season. According to the latest data, up to 25 named storms should form during this season, which has never happened before (on average, about 12 are formed).

Josephine is the 10th storm in a row, and it's been just two months and 13 days in the 6-month hurricane season.

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