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In Florida, a man cut off his wife's lover's penis and received 20 years in prison for this

In Florida, a father of five tied up his wife's lover and cut off his penis with scissors. The man was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Writes about it Daily Mail.

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51-year-old Alex Bonilla was charged with kidnapping for the purpose of causing bodily harm, robbery with a weapon, inflicting a fatal wound under aggravated circumstances and assault with a firearm under aggravated circumstances. The incident took place on July 14, 2019.

In February, he filed for a waiver of these charges, which means he pleaded not guilty to the crimes, but allowed the court to determine his sentence on the charges.

The Gilchrist County Court sentenced the father of five to 20 years in prison, 10 years on probation and ordered more than $ 251 in damages.

Bonilla has been in jail since July 2019, when he was arrested for maiming his wife's 32-year-old lover who is the couple's neighbor.

The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office said the victim called 911 at about 11:00 am on July 14, 2019 and reported Bonilla had broken into his home armed with a pistol.

The victim claimed that Bonilla said he would kill him if he tried to resist.

Then Bonilla dragged his lover into the bedroom and tied him up, and then "cut off the victim's penis with scissors."

Records show that Bonilla took the severed body part and ran across the street to his home.

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According to court documents, doctors were unable to reattach the victim's genitals, resulting in a married father of two children unable to urinate or have sex normally.

The officers said: Bonilla discovered that his wife had been cheating on him with a neighbor for about 2 months. Earlier, the jealous man claimed that on the day of the attack he saw a neighbor looking at his house and decided to go talk to him.

Bonilla claimed they were talking in the victim's bedroom and he told him, "You need to stay away from my wife and leave her alone." These words angered the other man and prompted him to attack Bonilla.

“The defendant said that he then lost consciousness and did not remember anything from that moment to the moment until he was arrested at work,” the document says.

But the victim's statement tells a different story.

According to the man, on the day of the attack, Bonilla entered a neighbor's house without permission while he was preparing breakfast for his two daughters.

Standing in the doorway with a pistol under his arm, Bonilla told him, "I came here to fix something," and then led him into the bedroom and closed the door.

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Then Bonilla demanded that he get up and pull off the underwear, after which he tied it up, and then tied an elastic band around the base of the victim's penis and cut it off with scissors.

Court records show that Bonilla's friends and relatives approached the circuit judge for leniency. One of his sons said that he needed his father to return home to help the family financially and help his little sister learn to read.

Bonilla emigrated from El Salvador to the United States in 1990 and worked in a dairy farm for 20 years. He has two children from his first marriage in his home country and three children from his second wife.

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