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A letter from Trump: the president wrote to the recipients of financial assistance from the government, but not everyone liked the idea

The Americans, along with a federal aid check from the government, receive by mail and a letter from US President Donald Trump. Writes about this USA Today.

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Millions of Americans have received letters from Trump who are entitled to stimulus payments of $ 1200 - in accordance with a new law designed to help the economy recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's time for your payment," is the bold letter of Trump's letter. It begins with the greeting "My brother is American ..."

It went on to say: “Our great country is facing an unprecedented public health and economic challenge as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. Your health and safety is our top priority. As we fight this invisible enemy, we work around the clock to protect hardworking Americans like you from the effects of the economic downturn. We are fully committed to ensuring that you and your family receive the support you need. ”

At the bottom of the page, in bold, one inch high, says: "Donald J. Trump."

A former lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called the letter “unbelievable” and said it made the agency “look like the handmaid of one administration and one party.”

“This will hurt the IRS and its ability to appear as a non-political and non-partisan agency,” said Nina Olson, executive director of the Center for Taxpayer Rights. "If I were there, I would strongly oppose it."

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Incentive payments are part of the $ 2,2 trillion economic recovery package approved by Congress and signed by Trump on March 27. The Treasury Department said nearly 90 million people have already received payments totaling about $ 160 billion.

The Economic Recovery Act, which provided for the payment of incentives, requires that written notice be mailed to the last known address of any taxpayer. The law states that a letter must be sent no later than 15 days after the distribution of money, and include a payment method, payment amount and IRS phone number to inform if such a payment is not received.

Trump said the letter is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the law and that "every American knows that we are facing this challenge together as one American family."

Olson noted that Trump's letter is the first time she can remember how the president sent a letter directly to taxpayers through the IRS.

When the checks for tax credits were circulated under President George W. Bush in 2001, the IRS disagreed when the White House suggested that the letter accompanying the checks should contain words like “we give you your money back,” Olson said.

“This shows the possibility of using the IRS to advance any particular administration or any policy of the administration,” she explained.

Trump's actions have already been criticized because his signature was added to paper checks sent to taxpayers who did not receive their incentive payments through a direct deposit. The head of the Department of Finance, Stephen Mnuchin, explained that it was his idea to include the name of Trump in the checks, and he denied reports that adding the name of the president delayed the delivery of some checks.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer noted that Trump “unfortunately considers the pandemic just another opportunity to advance his political interests.”

Schumer said he plans to file a bill that would prohibit the use of any taxpayer funds “for any promotional activity that includes the names, likenesses or signatures” of Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

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Olson said adding Trump’s name to checks and then sending letters to him to the recipients of the check could further undermine IRS credibility. The agency is still recovering from allegations that it checked taxpayers on Richard Nixon’s list of enemies in the 1970s and carefully studied conservative groups led by Barack Obama.

According to Olson, Trump’s letter to taxpayers is even more confusing as it arrives in the envelope of the Department of Finance and the IRS. It also notes that postage and fees were paid by the IRS.

“Just think about who gets the letter that comes in the IRS envelope. And the first thing that a person sees is the signature of the President of the United States, Olson said. “It immediately makes people understand that the IRS is following and promoting the will of the President of the United States, rather than acting as an impartial administrator of the revenue code. This will undermine the reputation of the IRS and the tax system. It doesn't matter who the US president is to get the check.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Coronavirus Federal Payments will not be taxed.
  • If the government does not have your direct bank account number, some of you will have to wait for mailed checks by September.
  • According to the adopted package of financial assistance, there are categories of people who, despite the matching income level, will not receive this assistance. Their list is here.
  • The topic of government support is actively used by scammers. The schemes used by them and ways to protect themselves from them - link.
  • April 15th IRS launches online tool, which will help you enter information about your account, track the payment and immediately receive money. For details on how to use it, read here.
  • After the start of payments, many reported that when checking the status of payment online, they found that the money was sent to wrong accounts, including dead.
  • Most Americans will receive federal government aid payments for coronavirus automatically, but there are several reasons payment may be delayed.

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