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A dangerous new challenge spreads on TikTok: it can lead to a heart attack and even death

Doctors warn against new TikTok 'dry scooping' challenge after heart attack from famous influencer, reports New York Post.

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Doctors have warned of the dangerous Dry Batch problem on TikTok and said it could kill children after one influential blogger suffered a heart attack.

The parents were told the new deadly craze was spreading across social media and showed no signs of abating.

The dry portion went viral on TikTok. The idea behind the new challenge is that users take a scoop of protein powder and eat it without diluting it with water.

The potentially fatal quirk has garnered over eight million likes on the video-sharing platform and has even caused one influencer to have a heart attack.

Doctors warn that consuming the powder on its own can lead to heart and lung cramps and even death.

Nelson Chow, the Princeton University pediatrician who led the research on the craze, said it was "a particularly risky method of consumption."

“The highly concentrated powder can lead to choking, accidental inhalation, injury from overuse and death,” he said. "Despite being 18+ on the powder, pre-workout supplements are becoming more and more popular among teens."

The team watched 100 videos on TikTok with the hashtag “pre-workout” and found that only one in twelve showed how to properly take the powder.

“The popularity of pre-workout supplements has skyrocketed in recent years,” Chow said. "Pre-workout supplementation has been touted to improve athletic performance, energy and concentration."

"Typically, a pre-workout product is sold as a powder that should be mixed with water and consumed as a drink."

It often contains high concentrations of caffeine and substances such as beta-alanine, L-cytullin, and BCAAs.

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Even more alarming, people have consumed hazardous substances with energy drinks and alcohol - and often in very high doses.

In the warning, Chow said, “It can be difficult for clinicians to identify emerging trends that may pose health risks to youth. Take, for example, the proliferation of pre-workout powder and the dangerous methods of using it. Sometimes researching non-standard platforms like TikTok can yield valuable results. "

Deadly training

Photo: Shutterstock

The fact is that TikTok influencer Briatney Portillo, known for her workout videos, suffered a heart attack after a “dry meal” before working out in the gym.

The social media star explained, “I just took the powder before training, ate it and tried to swallow it, and then washed it down with water. Soon after, I began to feel itching in my hands and all over my body, and then began to sweat a lot. I started training and felt a heaviness in my chest, but ignored it because I thought it was anxiety or panic attack and continued training. "

The student said that she then went home and that was when she started to have nausea and headaches. She took a shower and was still nauseous from the headache and the pain in her chest was getting more intense.

Briatney was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with myocardial infarction without ST elevation.

According to the NHS, NSTEMIs are usually less dangerous than other heart attacks.

Adverse side effects

In an interview with The Sun Myprotein PT, Chris Appleton explained that this trend is "not useful."

He said, “The only benefit you get from eating the dry powder is a faster absorption rate, but by doing so you lose the flavor benefits. You will not get any nutritional value from dry consumption other than faster absorption. You also need to be aware of the ingredients as the dry product is pumping a portion of caffeine into your body much faster than usual and can cause side effects. "

Shivraj Bassi, CEO and founder of Innermost, said the trend has “exploded” TikTok. “The main risk with dry consumption is inhalation of the powder and the powder clumps together in the throat, increasing the risk of suffocation. In addition, some of the cheaper pre-workout supplements on the market contain high amounts of caffeine, ”he said.

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A “dry meal” can lead to stress, heart palpitations, dehydration, and more. Mixing the water with the powder helps increase the bioavailability of the ingredients, which should make it more effective if taken pre-workout.

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