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The dying American won the lottery and spent all the money traveling

A resident of North Carolina won the 250 lottery thousand dollars.

Photo: North Carolina Education Lottery officials

Richard Biar claims that he bought a lottery ticket at the request of his wife. At the same time, he decided to purchase several instant lottery tickets. Under a protective layer of one of them showed a big win, writes "

Biar intends to spend money on a tourist trip. “Recently, I was diagnosed with a fourth stage liver cancer,” he says. “I want to go on a trip while I can still have fun.” According to him, his wife always dreamed of seeing Italy, and now they can do it.

According to the charitable organization Cancer Research UK, which sponsors the study of malignant tumors, if untreated, the life expectancy of patients with stage four liver cancer is about four months.

In 2018, it was reported that an American who won a million dollars in a lottery, died three weeks after receiving the money from cancer of the last stage, about which he did not know.

Lottery fever covers the USA several times a year. The last major surge in interest in the lottery was after a woman from South Carolina in October 2018 won the Mega Millions top prize at 1,5 billion dollars. Taking her money, she wished to preserve anonymity. After this draw at the points of sale, queues formed of those who wanted to buy Mega Millions tickets.

Americans love to buy lottery tickets. On average, an American spends about $ 200 a year to buy lottery tickets, although residents of some states give much more. According to the study LendEDUOn average, a Massachusetts resident spends $ 735 annually on lottery tickets, while in Delaware or New York, expenses are likely to approach $ 400 per year or $ 33 per month.

According to polls, Americans would react differently to winning a multi-million jackpot:

  • 74,8% of respondents would take the entire amount at once, 25,2% would divide the amount into several annual payments;
  • 43,4% of respondents would immediately claim a win, 56,6% would wait some time before announcing a win;
  • 80,1% of respondents would consult about options for investing money with a lawyer / accountant / financial advisor, 19,9% would decide the fate of the win;
  • 90,7% would prefer to remain anonymous if won, 9,3% would publicly announce a win;
  • 48,1% of respondents would have quit their jobs if they won; 51.9% would continue to work.
  • 63,6% would hire a financial advisor to manage the money, 36,2% would manage the finances on their own.

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