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Here it is possible, in America it is impossible: what rules do immigrants most often violate in the USA

Coming to the USA, very often we continue to do what we are used to. But the laws in different states do not always allow you to do ordinary things at first glance. What you can't do in California and what you can be fined for, the author said blog "Interesting America" ​​on "Yandex.Zen".

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To fish

“To fish, that is, to come, as we are accustomed to, with a fishing rod to the shore of the reservoir and catch a whole bucket of carp, then you cannot bring home and rejoice. - the author writes. "More precisely, you can fish, but before that you need to get a special permit in the USA."

Such permissions are different. They are issued for a specific period. In addition, they have restrictions on the number of fish and its size, as well as a list of reservoirs prohibited for fishing.

“Special police departments regularly carry out raids and catch those fishermen who fish without a license, as well as poachers who throw nets and try to catch more than they should,” the blogger writes. “Therefore, if you want to fish in the USA and not get a huge fine, find out in advance whether it is possible to fish in a particular reservoir, what gear is prohibited and what are the restrictions on the number and size of fish.”

Don't clean up after the dog

In the CIS countries, people increasingly began to clean up after their pets on the street, but still most people perceive it as something natural, as part of nature, and generally do not clean it.

In the United States, if you don't clean up after your dog on the street, you can get a pretty big fine. And usually, when people are walking with their pets in the street, a small roll of bags can be seen on the leash to immediately remove the excrement.

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Therefore, everyone who decides to have a pet should know what will need to be cleaned after him.

“In addition, you will have to pay from $ 20 to $ 50 (California) monthly for the dog if you rent a house," the author writes.

Throw in a mailbox

In the United States, it is forbidden to put any things in mailboxes, except for letters and parcels marked with mail. This is done for the safety of postmen and other people. Violation of the rule will result in a $ 5 fine.

Make major repairs

In the USA, it is forbidden to make major repairs without prior approval.

“If you want to demolish the wall in your apartment / house, move the floor, install new sockets, you need to obtain a special repair license for this,” the blogger writes. “In addition, after major repairs, reconstruction of a house or apartment, you can change the tax rate, as an already modernized object.”

But at the same time, if your floor creaks and a pipe burst, then it is not necessary to call a specialist, you can fix everything yourself. Coordination is necessary only for major overhaul, renovation of an apartment or house.

Parking in a private area

“If you want to park in front of a restaurant opposite your house, you can be fined, you can evacuate your car, call the police. It will be good if you get off with a comment, ”the author writes.

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Record conversations

“It is forbidden to film and record people without their consent and permission. You always need to ask permission to record a conversation on the phone or video. It happens that people avoid cameras if they do not want to be filmed, but more often they wave their hand and are loyal to the shooting, the blogger writes. "Moreover, you cannot record conversations with government departments without warning."

Encourage performance

In the USA, as in other countries, it is strictly forbidden to give bribes, to encourage employees of various government departments. In the US, you shouldn't even try to establish informal communication with police officers, firefighters, teachers, and other government officials.

“Moreover, when communicating with a police officer, you need to be extremely calm, answer questions clearly, not make sudden movements, not make fun of the officers, as this may be the reason for the arrest. They may decide that you have inappropriate behavior, then you will have to deal with lawyers and police officers for a long time, what happened, what you had in mind, and so on. When communicating with a police officer, you need to show respect, ”the blogger writes.


In the United States, smoking is prohibited in cafes, restaurants, in other premises, near the entrance to shopping centers, subways. In places familiar to us, where you can usually find smokers, in the United States, this is extremely difficult to see.

“Moreover, in some cities it is forbidden to smoke on the street, for example, in the cities of Silicon Valley. These cities have a very high level of censure of smokers, the author writes. “We can say that in the US it is now irrelevant to be a smoker, a small percentage of society smokes, and they do it in specially designated places.”

Spank and scream at children

In the United States, it is forbidden to raise a hand to children, shout and swear violently. And not only in public places, but also in private houses and apartments.

“If the neighbors hear that you constantly swear at the children very hard, they are guaranteed to call the social service. They, in turn, will conduct a conversation in order to find out why this is happening, on what basis the conflict, what is happening with the children, and so on, ”the blogger writes.

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But this does not mean that if you suddenly raised your voice to a child, you will be deprived of parental rights. But, if you regularly raise your voice or beat your child, then deprivation of parental rights is quite possible.

In fact, Americans know how not to yell at children, and children obey them. You can not shout for the fact that the child is guilty, but rather calmly talk to him. If an adult does not succeed in this, you can take special courses to find a common language with the child.

Pirated content

This ban is usually very surprising for immigrants from the CIS.

“The fact is that after people come to the US, they habitually start downloading movies, games, programs for working with torrent trackers, and then they receive a letter from a local provider,” the blogger writes.

In the United States, the law on intellectual property, in contrast to the CIS countries, is actually being implemented. And, if you violated it, automatically the provider that provides Internet services sends the first warning.

“If a person continues and ignores the warning, then the Internet is turned off for him and he will no longer be able to use the services of this provider. In addition, providers also send letters to special government agencies, after which the violator faces a fine, ”the author writes.

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