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'Balkan Nostradamus': what the seer Vanga predicted for 2021

The Bulgarian soothsayer Wanga, or Baba Wanga, whose powers are said to have rivaled those of Nostradamus himself, made a number of dire predictions during her life. What she said about 2021, the publication said Express.

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Wanga is said to have predicted the formation of ISIS, Brexit and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Baba Vanga, full name Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova, was born in 1911, was blind from early childhood and spent most of her life in the Bulgarian mountains of Kozhukh. They say that all her life she developed clairvoyant abilities, and people were looking for her in order to contact deceased relatives and friends.

Despite the fact that she made many predictions, Baba Wanga gained international fame only after her death in 1996. 4 years after the death of the fortune teller, the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank. Before her death, Vanga predicted that the Kursk would be flooded, but at the time many believed that she was talking about the city of Kursk in western Russia.

In A Brief History of (Almost) Everything Paranormal, author Terje Simonsen described Wanga as "a medium of excellent reputation who has received tens of thousands of visitors from many countries in his life."

The book says: “Baba Wanga also practices healing based on a combination of medical clairvoyance and herbs. Over the years she became a Bulgarian national icon, and although she did not profess any religion, after her death a kind of spiritualistic church was built in her honor. "

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Legend has it that an angel visited Wang when she was six, according to authors Jonathan Bousfield and Dan Richardson. The angel gave her a choice between vision and clairvoyance, and she allegedly chose the latter.

Her fans believe that Baba Wanga predicted the presidency of Barack Obama in 2008, Britain's exit from the European Union and even the end of the world. Thanks to her reputation, she received the nickname of the Balkan Nostradamus.

What Wanga predicted for 2021

Many of Baba Wanga's more bizarre prophecies have yet to come true, and people are wondering if anything will come true in 2021.

It is said that among her most disturbing prophecies is the end of the world, but for the next 3 years, you needn't worry about that. However, Baba Wanga did not specify what would lead to the end of time in 000 5 or how Armageddon would unfold.

It is also said that Baba Wanga predicted the day when cancer will finally be defeated, and that could be in 2021.

“At the beginning of the XNUMXst century, humanity will get rid of cancer,” she said. "The day will come when cancer will be bound with iron chains."

In another prediction that has yet to come true, a Bulgarian mystic is said to have warned of an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Baba Wanga also spoke of a "powerful dragon" that would take over humanity in the future, although it is unclear what she meant by that. There are suggestions that it was about China, the symbol of which is the dragon.

Wang also allegedly predicted Trump's fatal illness. This also did not come true, although many believe that it was about COVID-19. Trump had this disease and it is indeed fatal, but the head of the United States defeated her. At the same time, it is unclear whether the prediction said about his death or that he would simply get sick with a dangerous illness.

There is no real evidence that any of these prophecies are real or will come true, despite claims that Baba Vanga's predictions were supposedly 85 percent accurate.

A 2012 investigation revealed that many of Wanga's prophecies were in fact created by Russian social media trolls and not by Wanga herself. There is also no reliable written evidence of her alleged prophecies.

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According to, the prophecies people share online are almost certainly nothing more than pure fantasy.

The website reads: “Vanga was illiterate or semi-literate, and apparently she did not write any books herself, and staff funded by the Bulgarian government recorded what she allegedly said. All of Wanga's cited predictions seem to be apocalyptic visions of a future world - especially Europe - and even Mars, where a war will supposedly break out in 3 that will change the trajectory of the planet. More positively, she predicted that in 005, humanity would fly to Venus in search of new sources of energy - she must have been unaware of the planet's toxic and aggressive atmosphere. She also predicted that by 2028 people will live under water, these settlements will be created with the help of aliens. "

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