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Third Landing: Tropical Storm Eta Strikes Florida

Florida mainland residents prepare for tropical storm Eta after it hit the Florida Keys. More about the storm and what is unusual about it said the publication CNN.

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A storm with a maximum wind speed of 65 miles (104 km) hit the coast in the Lower Metacumb Key area late Sunday night, Nov.8, according to the National Hurricane Center. Eta is expected to become a hurricane on the evening of Monday, November 9, or on the morning of Tuesday, November 10, when it lands in Florida.

More than 23 million people in southern Florida are on hurricane warning and 21 counties are under state of emergency. According to, as of early Monday morning, more than 30 customers were without electricity.

In anticipation of the storm, many schools in southern Florida were closed and bridges were closed in anticipation of strong winds.

Heavy rain and wind will affect areas from Miami to Naples, and storm surges can reach heights of up to 4 feet (1,2 m). Flooding is also expected along roads and facilities throughout the region as heavy rainfall is forecast - three to five inches (7-12 cm) - with some areas expected to receive more than a foot (30 cm) of rainfall over the entire hurricane period.

Eta is expected to land again north of Tampa on Friday, November 13 in the form of a tropical storm.

Screenshot: NHC

Schools close and shelters open

At least five school districts in southern Florida, including Miami-Dade, have closed because of Eta.

Winds of 40 to 60 miles (64-96 km) per hour are expected in Miami-Dade, and tornadoes are also possible.

Pet shelters have opened in Monroe County, and Covid-19 protection protocols are strictly adhered to.

All bus services were also suspended in Collier County on Monday, November 9, due to projected high winds.

On the subject: Hurricane protection: will insurance cover disaster damage

Auckland Park Public Information Officer David Rafter said that in Auckland Park, torrential rains and floods have brought the city's public works system "nearly full."

“The Auckland Park public works and parks staff worked all night and all day, trying to the best of their ability to address flood issues,” Rafter said.

Seafarers are also warned to refrain from going out into the open waters, as extremely strong winds can cause dangerous waves that "could capsize or damage ships."

Third shore exit

This one has already hit the shore at least twice: on the morning of Sunday, November 8, in Cuba, and last week as Category 4 hurricane in Central Americawho is still recovering from the consequences.

An emergency has been declared in Cuba and Mexico, and relief efforts are underway in Guatemala and Honduras. According to the Emergency Situations Commission, 38 people were killed in Honduras, eight people were missing and more than 60 people were evacuated from their homes.

Guatemala's National Coordinator for Natural Disaster Reduction (CONRED) said on Saturday, November 7, that 116 people are still missing, mainly due to a landslide in the remote village of Keja in the central Alta Verapaz region.

At least 8938 people have been evacuated and 5780 remain in temporary shelters.

This is the 28th storm in the 2020 hurricane season. This means that 2020 reached a record high in 2005 for the number of named storms in one season.

Although the season has been extremely active, Eta is the first named storm to land in Florida this year and the 12th named storm to land on land in the continental United States this season.

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