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Fear of Change, Difficulty of English and Scammers: How to Deal with Major Immigration Threats

Work and business in the USA: how to recognize a scam, writes the author of the blog "The Truth About Life in the USA" on the portal "Yandex.Zen"

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Elena Korshunova, a blogger from Odessa, lives and works in the USA.

She shares her observations on American life and gives practical advice on how not to get into trouble.

What the emigrants talk about

Elena says that she often hears from compatriots who immigrated to the United States: “We arrived too late”, “I will never learn English”, “We arrived at an age when it’s too late to make a career,” “We came for the sake of the children. Themselves somehow ... ".

Therefore, the reasons that prompted her to write this article are as follows:

1. Problems of emigrants. Confusion and lack of available information.

2. "Scam", which lies in wait for newcomers to the country of great opportunities.

Knowledge is yes, power

“You can be 101% sure that neither age nor specialty becomes an obstacle to development in career and business here,” says the author.

She identified only three factors that inhibit us:

  • self-doubt
  • confusion
  • laziness

“For the lazy, the only legal prospect here is to vegetate on the minimum wage. I really don't recommend listening to slippery advice about loopholes and tricks to bypass the law. From time to time, the FBI covers one or the other shop. Covert investigations have been going on for years, and then - bam! - and one sad day you risk being handcuffed because of a dubious adventure, ”warns Elena.

She is confident that in the USA at any age you can find your own niche, profitable and interesting. Useful information plays an important role in this.

But you need to filter it and be able to use it correctly.

Google to help

“Probably, today there is nothing that could not be unearthed on the Internet. Here is a simple tip for you (or the idiom of life-hack loved by bloggers),” the author writes. -Let's get back to the tip. For example, you want to check if your specialty is in demand in the American labor market. In this case, you need portals such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Craigslist, or simply Google jobs. Enter your specialty in the search box, for example “carpenter jobs in NYC”.

She advises to look at the lists of open vacancies - are there many of them, because the more open positions, the higher your competitiveness.

The second tip from the blogger: when you open a job ad, pay attention to the requirements.

They will come in handy for assessing your own professional relevance and when writing a resume.

English. Great and terrible

Elena believes that mastering English is unambiguous, at least at the level necessary for your profession.

“English is not so scary as it seems at first glance. Even if you repeatedly started teaching it and dropped it, or you spent six years in vain teaching it in school, forget that sad experience, ”she says.“ You just didn’t use the right strategies. ”

How to recognize a "scam"

Elena says that there is an opinion that the "wiring" of compatriots is the prerogative of "ours."

In fact, it is not so.

She explains that the fact is that in areas where many Russians live, American organizations hire personnel who speak, in addition to English, and Russian.

“Well, some“ ours ”cannot get rid of the habit of lying and cheating, even without any personal gain. They tell you stories about the “scam” without me by a carriage and a small cart, but not all of us are crooks and not all crooks are ours, ”says Elena.

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She drew up her rules for combating cheating in the United States.

The most elementary ways to deal with charlatans:

1. Do not give your social security number (SSN) to anyone who asks, and do not give your personal information to just anyone, especially by phone.

Exception: entry on official letterhead in serious respectable organizations. For example, a bank, a medical office, an educational institution, applying for a job, formalizing formal contracts (for example, renting or buying a home), electricity and gas companies, buying a phone or the Internet from an official provider.

2. Avoid answering the phone with the word “yes” without being sure of the calling organization.

There is an opinion that your affirmative answer can be recorded and used as approval of financial transactions from your account, questionable service, etc.

Practice using English synonyms, use other affirmative answers, for example:

Voice from phone: Hi! Am I speaking with Masha?

You: This is me.


Masha is speaking.

Or you can answer the question with a question:

Whom I have a pleasure to speak with?


Excuse me, where are you calling from?

Voice from Phone: Is this time convenient for you to talk?

You: I am available to talk now.


Could you please call me later / in an hour / tomorrow / around 3 pm?


Unfortunately, I'm not available to talk to you now.


I'm sorry, I'm not interested in your service.

“Then disconnect. Do not listen to what they will bother you next, ”says the blogger.

3. Disconnect from the conversation as soon as you hear that “your social security number has been expired” (it doesn't really happen), “your car insurance has been expired” (especially if you don't have a car), “your bank account has been expired ”and other such nonsense.

This is scam, wiring. Very common these days.

4. Teach children not to give random Internet interlocutors any personal information (last name, address, names and place of work of parents, etc.).

5. Check your credit card transactions once a month. In addition, if the bank suspects suspicious activity on your account, they will immediately call you.

6. Google again! Any information, business, person, and even a photo can be easily checked on the Internet.

“This does not mean that one should suspect everyone and everyone of the evil intentions, but if something seems unreliable to you, check it,” warns the author.

7. Take your time! In most situations, do not rush to answer and do not rush to sign your name.

Positive attitude. Allow yourself to rest.

“And finally, last but not least,” says Elena. -Tune in to a positive result and do not doubt your abilities. If you feel that you are too overloaded with business and information, just slow down - slow down, enjoy the views of nature, and give yourself some rest, so that you can move on with renewed vigor and positive mood. "

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Elena encourages you to rest, says that positivity and the ability to relax are necessary no less than knowledge of English.

“Know how to say to yourself“ stop ”,“ relax ”, - the author recommends.

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