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Death is not on the screen: famous actresses who have become victims of murderers

In real life, tragedies are much worse than in the most irrepressible fantasy writers. And it happened that the main heroines of these dramas were those who on the screen more than once experienced grief and violence - famous actors. Edition Culturology told about the actresses who were not killed on the screen.


Sharon Tate

At the end of August 1969, the director of the Roman Polanski and actress Sharon Tate should have a long-awaited child. Sharon was preparing for childbirth in Los Angeles. On the evening of the 8th of August / the family friends spent the night in her house. Polanski himself was in London. At night, followers of the Charles Manson sect broke into the house, who did not care who to kill: the death of the innocent was to be a “signal” to the beginning of the great reorganization of the world.

Everyone died at the hands of the killers: the pregnant Sharon, her guests, and even the actress’s favorite - the Yorkshire terrier. The investigation took six months. The case helped find the killers: one of the criminals went to jail for theft and prostitution. She boasted about her “exploits” to her cell mate.

At trial, the girls who killed Polanski's wife boasted about the cruelty of their crime and spoke with gusto about exactly how she resisted and what was screaming at the same time.

Anastasia Ivanova

Photo: screenshot of the movie "Boys"

Her name is known to the Russian audience in the film “I Can't Say Goodbye”. Unfortunately, she had no other star roles. Ivanova was selected for the role in the film “The battalions are asking for fire,” but the director chose another actress at the last moment.

In the early nineties in the cinema came the crisis. Anastasia's husband, actor Boris Nevzorov, seeing that his wife was suffering from lack of fulfillment, suggested that she play in his film. But the plans did not come true. In the summer of 1993, Nevzorov, entering the apartment, found his wife’s bloody body.

It soon became clear that Ivanova herself discovered the murderer; there were no signs of a struggle in the house. A few minutes before the tragedy, her mother called her: there was nothing suspicious about her daughter’s voice. The offender was found: he was a relative of family friends. Ivanova herself invited him to visit. Twice convicted of murder (including - another actress) Sergei Prosvetov attacked the woman with a knife, and then strangled her. Soon after the crime of Prosvetov, the son of his concubine killed him.

Dominique Dunn

Photo: screenshot of the film "Poltergeist"

In the year 1982, the film Poltergeist was released, glorifying this young actress. At the end of October of the same year, Dominic rehearsed one of the scenes of the new mini-series, along with partner David Packer.

After a while, her boyfriend, John Thomas Sweeney, came. The actress has long wanted to part with him because of his jealousy and tendency to assault. This time Sweeney was wound up and insisted on speaking. Dunn agreed to talk to him on the porch. Soon, Packer heard shouts and called the police, but law enforcement officers refused to go to the scene. Then the actor came out of the house through the back door, walked around him and saw Dominic and Sweeney lying over her body.

To the arrived policeman the murderer gave up without resistance. Dunn was in a coma, she never regained consciousness. A few days later she passed away.

Rebecca Schaeffer

Photo: My Sister Sam Movie Screenshot

Rebecca starred in the TV series “My Sister Sam”, where she was seen by Robert John Bardo, who became an actress's stalker. He started chasing her as a sixteen year old teenager: he wrote letters, in 1987, he came to the film studio, where he was not allowed to see the guard at the actress. A month later he came with a knife, but was again stopped by the guards. After that, for several years Bardo switched to other subjects of adoration.

In 1989, he saw Rebecca in the bed scene in her new film. Following the example of another pursuer fan, Bardo paid the detective agency for the address of the actress, and his brother helped him get a gun. The assassin tried several times to force Schaeffer to open the door for him and killed her as soon as she did.

History Schaeffer entailed a change in California law aimed at protecting personal data and preventing harassment.

Alexandra Zavyalova

Photo: Shadows Screenshot Moving At Noon

The elderly actress lived in St. Petersburg and almost did not communicate with friends and colleagues. She had not been filmed for a long time and led a half-starved existence for a small pension. Her son Peter, who drank, did not work, and repeatedly appropriated money that was collected for the aid of the actress, lived with her. The elder daughter Tatiana helped her mother and brother with groceries.

On the night of February 3, 2016, Peter, being drunk, began to insult his mother. A scandal ensued. After that, he several times struck the woman with a knife, from which she died on the spot. Soon he called his sister and confessed to the crime. Peter was the favorite of his mother, the son of a wealthy American businessman, with whom the actress had a tumultuous romance.

Meenakshi Tapar

Meenakshi was 26 years old, and she successfully starred in Bollywood. There, on the set of the next film, she began to communicate with a couple of actors who told her that her family was influential and secured. On the "colleagues" who sought fame and easy money, the history of Meenakshu impressed.
They invited her on a trip to see Buddhist temples in the small town of Gorakhpur. There, the actress was taken hostage, and her mother the kidnappers sent a letter threatening to sell the girl in the porn studio. They wanted to get about a half million rupees. Turned out to be not as rich as expected, the mother sent a small part - sixty thousand. This did not satisfy the couple and Minakshi was strangled, then beheaded, and her body was cut and scattered in different places.

Zoya Fedorova

Photo: screenshot of the film "Wedding in Malinovka"

The star of the Soviet cinema, Beria's favorite, the beloved American diplomat and the prisoner — Fedorova’s tumultuous life can be the basis for a blockbuster. The mystery of the death of the actress has not yet been disclosed: in 1981, she was killed in a private apartment with a shot in the back of the head.

There are versions that people from the "diamond mafia" or KGB officers did. Zoe was going to go to America for her daughter, and, as reported in the case file, was a frequent visitor to antiques stores. Perhaps she shipped valuables overseas. Jewelry labels were found in the apartment, but the jewels themselves disappeared.

Shortly before Fedorov’s murder, she bought an expensive diamond ring that she wanted to give to her daughter. According to one of the versions, a certain friend who was going to fly to the United States to her son could kill the actress and kidnap the ring. Perhaps Fedorova handed her the jewelry for her daughter, and the woman who needed the money made the decision to kill the mistress and assign a valuable item.

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