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Hidden Danger: 10 US States with the Most Hate Groups

The 10 US States with the Most Hate Groups Reported TheHill.

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Montana had the most hate groups per capita in 2020.

There are 838 such groups throughout the country.

Compared to 2018, the number of registered hate groups has decreased.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which defines a hate group as an organization that attacks or defames an entire class of people, monitors the number of active hate groups in the country every year.

The ten states with the most hate groups per capita in 2020 are estimated by the civil rights organization: Montana, Tennessee, Nebraska, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, Idaho, and Nevada.

There are six hate groups in Montana, including two anti-Muslim groups, two white nationalist groups, a racist skinhead organization, and part of the Proud Boys, a self-proclaimed brotherhood of Western chauvinism that promotes “anti-political correctness” and “anti-white guilt” , according to the South Poverty Law Center.

Without a breakdown of groups per capita, California has the most hate groups - 74. The state is followed by Florida, 68, Texas, 54, New York, 37, Pennsylvania, 36, Tennessee, 34, Virginia, 33, Georgia, 29., North Carolina, 29, and Arizona, 26.

With a population of just over 1 million, Montana has six hate groups per million civilians in the state, while no other state has 5 hate groups per million civilians.

According to the US Census, nearly 85 percent of Montana's population is white.

There are a total of 838 hate groups in the country. Compared to 2018, when there were 1020 active hate groups, there is a decrease. However, groups communicate online through encrypted platforms, making it difficult to track.

FBI Releases Hate Crime Statistics For 2020, Informs U.S. Department of Justice.

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The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program serves as the national repository of crime data voluntarily collected and submitted by law enforcement agencies.

Its main purpose is to generate reliable information for use in law enforcement, operations and management.

Hate crime data for 2020, reported by 15 law enforcement agencies, provides information on crimes, victims, offenders and hate crime scenes.

Of these incident reporting agencies, there were 7 hate crimes associated with 759 crimes.

According to UCR, victims of hate crimes:

In the 7,554 single bias incidents in 2020, 10,528 people were affected. In 2019, there were 7,103 incidents.

In 205 incidents, 333 victims fell victim to more than one bias.

Categories of bias for victims of unilateral bias incidents in 2020:
  • 61,9% race, ethnicity, origin;
  • 20,5% sexual orientation;
  • 13,4% religion;
  • 2,5% gender identity;
  • 1% disability;
  • 0,7% sex
Among the 10 reported hate crimes:
  • crimes against the person: 70,5%;
  • property crimes: 27,7%
  • crimes against society: 1,8%
Of the 6431 known criminals:
  • 55,2% were white;
  • 20,2% were black or African American;
  • 16,4% race unknown;
  • The rest of the known criminals were of other races.
Of the 5820 known perpetrators of alleged ethnicity:
  • 39,3% were not Hispanic or Latino;
  • 10,7% were Hispanic or Latino;
  • 2,5% belonged to several ethnic groups;
  • 47,5% ethnicity is unknown;
  • Of the 5915 known criminals whose age was known: 89,1% were 18 years of age or older.
Law enforcement agencies can list a crime scene as part of a hate crime incident as one of 46 location designators:
  • the majority of incidents of hate crimes (28,3%) occurred in or near residential buildings / houses;
  • 19,9% ​​occurred on highways / roads / lanes / streets / sidewalks;
  • 6,5% occurred in parking lots / areas / garages;
  • 4,4% occurred in schools / colleges;
  • 3,6% occurred in parks / playgrounds;
  • 3,6% - in churches / synagogues / temples / mosques;
  • In 8,6% of hate crime cases, this location was listed as other / unknown;
  • the remaining 25,1% of hate crime incidents occurred in other or more locations.
Bias motivation categories for victims of single bias incidents in 2020: The percentage of bias motivation categories for victims of single bias incidents in 2020. They are as follows:
  • race / ethnicity / origin 61,9%;
  • religion 13,4%;
  • sexual orientation 20,5%;
  • gender identity 2,5%;
  • disability 1,0%;
  • floor 0,7%.
An incident with a single bias. Motives for displacement by category: comparing data for 2019 and 2020. By category of motivation bias for incidents with a single bias. Categories of bias motivation 2019/2020:
  • race / ethnicity / origin 3963/4939;
  • religion 1,521 / 1,174;
  • sexual orientation 1,195 / 1,051;
  • gender identity 198/236;
  • disability 157/83;
  • floor 69/71;
  • total 7,103 / 7,554;

You can view hate groups in each state. here.

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