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How much do Google employees earn

If you have ever dreamed of working at Google, then learn how much you could get in one position or another. GOBankingRates compiled a list of vacancies in various departments of the company, ranking them by salary.

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1. Google support officer: $ 15,72 per hour
This is one of the lowest paid jobs at Google, but this position can be viewed as a stepping stone to other vacancies in the company. In this position, you will have to communicate with customers and help them solve problems. You must have a bachelor's degree and two years of work experience.

2. Datacenter technician: $ 17,45 per hour
You have to deploy and maintain the work of the data center, to eliminate problems that arise. You must have experience diagnosing and troubleshooting equipment.

3. Administrative counterparty: $ 56 603
Responsibilities include performing administrative tasks, coordinating the responsibilities of several offices, increasing the efficiency and efficiency of existing operations, helping with the development of operational strategies. You must have a bachelor's degree and a year of work experience.

4. Account Manager: $ 67 712
The position involves building relationships with Google customers, analyzing data and developing recommendations for more efficient work. A bachelor’s degree and year of experience in sales, advertising, marketing, or work with advertising agencies are required.

5. Security Supervisor: $ 80 049
Position implies security monitoring, control and response to suspicious activity. You must have a bachelor's degree and work experience of at least three years.

6. Operations Manager: $ 93 714
The applicant will have to manage and implement several projects, hire, train and form a team of managers for specific projects and the achievement of certain goals. Requires two years of team management experience.

7. Business Analyst: $ 101 405
The business analyst collects, aggregates project data and processes it. Requires a degree in statistics or computer science and experience as a data analyst or consultant.

8. Sales Manager: $ 101 405
Responsibilities include market research, demand management, product sales. Requires a degree in computer science or related, as well as eight years of experience in sales.

9. Financial Analyst: $ 105 226
A financial analyst helps make decisions and participates in business-oriented projects, and also builds financial models. Requires a bachelor's degree and three years of work experience.

10. Recruiter: $ 108 877
The recruiter’s direct responsibility is to find suitable employees. You have to find talents, negotiate and achieve quarterly goals for hiring employees. Requires a degree and five years of work experience.

11. Quantitative Analyst: $ 121 877
You have to work with advanced statistical methods, large complex data sets and solve non-standard problems. Requires a doctorate in statistics or related field, as well as experience in data analysis, working with programming languages ​​R, Python, or MATLAB.

12. Product Marketing Manager
Employees of this department develop consumer positioning, launch strategies and work with marketing. Requires a bachelor's degree and five years of work experience.

13. Curriculum Manager: $ 136 078
A specialist in this area will have to develop and scale educational solutions, as well as develop instructions and an assessment system. Requires a bachelor's degree in education and three years of work experience.

14. Software Specialist: $ 141 201
The specialist will lead a team focused on long-term program management, budget planning, logistics, and analysis. Requires a degree and five years of experience in a similar position, or in the recruiting department.

15. Software Developer: $ 141 223
The programmer is engaged in the development, improvement and support of software companies. Requires a degree in computer science and programming.

16. Sales Engineer: $ 142 639
The specialist determines the quantitative business opportunities and solves the technical problems encountered by customers. A master's degree in computer science and work experience with the concept of networking and software development is required.

17. Technical Program Director: $ 142 920
The director works with engineers and product managers to assist in the implementation of large-scale engineering solutions. Requires a bachelor's degree in computer science and six years of work experience.

18. Product Manager: $ 143 414
The manager determines the market opportunities of the product, develops a strategy for distribution and product launch. A degree in computer science and four years of work experience is required.

19. Web developer: $ 144 486
A web developer is creating internal tools and web applications. Requires a degree in computer science and experience with JavaScript, Python, Java or C ++.

20. Corporate lawyer: $ 231 852
The lawyer delves into internal disputes, examines the causes and conducts investigations. Requires an appropriate degree and three years experience.

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