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How our immigrants become rich in the USA: three stories

These stories are in some ways simply optimistic, and in some ways even typical. Every immigrant has a chance to become a wealthy or even very rich person. Timur went bankrupt in Russia, but was able to implement a profitable idea in Los Angeles, Evgeniy arrived at the age of 15 with empty pockets and became a millionaire in Chicago, and his namesake from Florida showed Russian ingenuity in practice and earned good money from it. I collected their stories

Bankrupt in Moscow - earned in Los Angeles

An interesting story of the immigration of a businessman from Russia tells Timur lived in Moscow and was a medium-sized entrepreneur. Like many, went bankrupt. He moved to the USA, settled in Los Angeles and now earns good money.

Today's hero's name is Timur. He has already lived in America for 3 years. And he can compare the USA and Russia. According to him, in America there are no “show-offs” like in Moscow. The rich do not have to buy prestigious cars, wear expensive watches and suits and ties. Previously, when he lived in Moscow, he had the psychology of a Muscovite and “show-off” was very important.

His company was in the advertising business. We rented an office for $2000, and things were going well. Then they thought of raising their prestige and decided to rent an office in the center of Moscow for $12000. Then I wanted to install the most powerful new computers and office equipment in the office. Then we bought a company car – a BMW 7 Series. Soon there was not enough money, these “show-offs” brought the business to a dead end.

We applied to the bank for a loan and after a couple of months we were bankrupt. Timur remembers this with a smile on his face. Now in the USA he can come to a Mercedes or BMW dealership and buy all the new products on display, but he doesn’t need it. He drives around Los Angeles in a used Toyota—show-offs are a thing of the past.

The difference between US business and Russia

Timur gives advice to entrepreneurs in Russia:

There is no huge difference! The same people, the same asphalt, the same clothes. Everything is basically the same. The only thing I noticed is that in America people are not afraid to start doing something. Take a piece of field in the desert and begin to collect furniture. And we are shy or something.

The main thing is not to be shy, take an old Lada, stick a sticker on it “My name is Seryoga, I live in a village, I breed delicious milk!” Don't be shy guys! “My grandmother makes delicious jam, and I make it. Telephone". There can be no other approach.

US business

Arriving in the States, Timur was not needed by anyone. The first months, like all immigrants, were interrupted by odd jobs at construction, cargo transportation, and cleaning of premises. I rented a house and, at the same time, I subled a couple of rooms in this house to other people. The rent went to him at zero and 300 dollars still remained.

And so the idea of ​​renting housing for the short term appeared. He rented a house and sublet it daily. Revolutions increased over time. The owners of apartment buildings themselves began to go out on it and offered their buildings for rent. Now Timur finds clients, populates them, organizes repairs in the premises, if necessary.

What is the main feature? Now, if you chisel and chisel this bark like a woodpecker... Success will come sooner or later. The word “late” is also up to you. The faster you hammer, the faster you will come to success.

According to the entrepreneur, the type of business, when the owner transfers the building to you for management, is very profitable and does not bear the threat of financial losses. It’s one thing when you rent and sublet, it’s quite another when you don’t pay the rent.

He received proposals for the purchase of apartment buildings with a mortgage for 30 years, Timur refused. He says that now real estate prices are at the peak of their value, why do I need to own these buildings when in a few years they will fall in price by half the cost due to the next crisis?

Timur's clients

The clients are American tourists and immigrants. The workload of its objects is 100%. He already has a lot of reviews on rental sites, and there is no end of offers to rent a room or apartment.

In the video, he settled the family from Russia. Husband and wife came as tourists to see Los Angeles. We learned that you can earn money on cleaning the premises. Before the date of departure to Russia began to work, have already paid for the tickets and expect to earn extra money.

Timur's offers are different from hostels. In the hostel for the money give a bed in the room, and Timur provides a room with 4 beds. Hotel rooms are two to three times more expensive. That is why his offers are beneficial. 70000 American tourists annually rent his house.

Room with two beds - $850 per month. The building has 14 rooms, a shared kitchen and separate bathrooms with showers.

An American tourist, if nothing is ready, will ask for a refund and also compensation in the form of a fine due to the fact that he lost time and did not check in on time. In America, refunds have become a cult. 5 minutes late - get your money back!

Became a millionaire in the USA through 20 years of immigrant life

In 15 years, Eugene came to America from Russia. He left for 7 days, had to speak on the radio. He settled in the basement with friends in Chicago. Back to Russia has not left. Friends arranged it to a local school.

With 8 years, Eugene has already worked on personal computers. At the end of 80, at the beginning of 90, his parents sold computers in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). In the US, his skills were useful. He studied at the programmer. In parallel with his studies he had his own business on computer repair.

After graduating, he wrote various programs for Google. Expanded the range of services for the repair of computers and laptops. He sent a broken technique by mail, even from other states.

His other company provided IT support services to companies. On this activity I earned my first million dollars.

As Yevgeny himself admits, in the sphere of IT business (programming, computer repair, website and application development, outsourcing) there is a ceiling in earnings. Above 300-400 thousand dollars a year can not be earned. Therefore, he is now considering other types of business where you can invest money.

His fellow programmers are leaving Chicago, abandoning IT activities. He was interested in where they all go. It turned out that they are buying up land in other states and are engaged in farming. What do they grow?

I would never have guessed. They grow weed! Now in many states allowed the sale and use of this plant for medical reasons. There are for manufacturers a rigid framework in the implementation of the harvest. As far as I know, implementation should be carried out only through pharmacies and on prescription.

In order to enter this business, you need not only to have a plot of land and relevant skills, but also a significant deposit in the account. As a pledge of honest business, an entrepreneur should have 2,5 million dollars in his account. If the grown goods are sold informally, then it is deprived of the license and confiscated money in favor of the state.

Eugene's life in the USA

Zhenya lives in a big house worth 300 000 dollars. This home pays 7500 tax dollars per year. It has a few more houses that are leased.

The movable property consists of cars, an ATV, and a jet ski from the movie “Bikers 3” (bought at a sale after filming the movie). He now considers investing in real estate to be the most dangerous way to make money: “You need to wait for a recession,” he believes. — In 2018, the US economy is booming, real estate prices are inflated. Americans are actively taking out mortgages on real estate at inflated prices. When there is a recession, many will lose their jobs and will not be able to make loan payments.

Problem loans will be liquidated en masse, and real estate prices will fall, just like in 2007. Banks will sell houses cheaply for cash only; those who want to buy them will not issue mortgages for these houses. This is the time to buy real estate.” According to Evgeniy, this time will come soon; the economy is cyclical. Now is the peak, and a decline is inevitable.

700 dollars a day with a simple idea

Eugene is currently living in the hot Florida state. On the windows and balconies in this state there are special screens (grids) from mosquitoes and mosquitoes. In his rental housing, the grid in one of the screens became unusable.

Our people fix everything themselves, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a car, a garden wheelbarrow or a mosquito net. Evgeny armed himself with a screwdriver and a special roller. In a few minutes I inserted the grid into the profile and the screen was ready. Then an idea appeared in his smart head. The matter is not tricky or troublesome, there are millions of such screens in Florida, some of them need repair. Why not try to fix them and get paid for it?

Lutsky registered domain, rented a hosting for the site. WordPress has created a site with a template design. Published advertising text about services and telephone number for communication. Created an advertising campaign in Google AdWords. All this spent a couple of hours.

In a short time through the advertisement on his site came two people. He received two phone calls. Checked out one of the orders.

On the spot agreed on the cost of work - 1200 dollars. Bought a new grid on 500 dollars. Made the work on the installation of the new grid - earned 700 dollars.

Orders from the site continued to be received, and there was no time to work on repairing the screens. Eugene has become for 200 dollars to give orders to a professional team specializing in the repair of mosquito screens.

The cost of this business

Domain in the domain zone .us - $ 10 on 1 year.

Hosting - $3 for 1 month.

CMS WordPress is a free content system, and the design is also free. If you don’t have the skills to work with the WordPress CMS, freelancers can do it all for $15. Evgeniy made the website himself.

He spent $ 100 on an advertising campaign on Google and received another $ 100 coupon for replenishing the balance. As a result, $ 200 turned out to be on the balance of the advertising company. For one click 2-5 dollars are written off.

I think a good income and work dustless. Once created a website and advertising company, from time to time to replenish the balance on your Google AdWords account, take phone calls from customers.

You want more money, drive it yourself and do the work. You do not want or you can not, give the order to others for a commission. And this is only a grid repair business.

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