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How to avoid being fired in the US if you are for 50

Modern Americans are likely to live longer than the generations of their parents. And now those who are nearing retirement understand that medical and other expenses for pensions will only grow. Therefore, many consider it reasonable to continue working as long as possible in order to provide themselves with a stable income and increase the amount of social insurance benefits in the future. But it's not that simple.

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The problem is that workers older than 50 years are often under pressure and have a fairly high risk of losing their jobs, writes Time... Managers often refuse to perceive employees “aged” as relevant to their positions and able to think as time requires. There is also a cold economic logic: if you retire, your boss could hire a college graduate to do your job for significantly less money.

Fortunately, there are effective tools that can help people older than 50 years to go on a well-deserved rest when they themselves feel ready for this, and not after a forced dismissal. Time journalists invited career and development coaches and asked them to recommend books that will help you save work and keep up with the times.

#Girlboss, author Sofia Amoruso

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Sophia Amoruso is known for opening a successful vintage clothing store under the Nasty Gal brand after changing a series of low-paying jobs. At that time, Amoruso was only 22 years old. Could this book be relevant for workers over 50? The experts are sure of this. Today, the younger generation is often in leadership positions - you need to understand these people and be able to communicate with them, overcoming differences, especially if you are a manager responsible for teamwork.

“While the recommendation of this book may sound strange to older professionals, Amoruso's position as one of the millennials' power is undeniable - and that's why it's effective,” says career coach Elana Constantin. - Understanding those who work with you and for you is key for successful managers, especially for people of another generation. Engaging your team, prioritizing their growth potential and encouraging open communication is vital to maintaining strong capabilities. ”

Embracing Progress: Next Steps for the Future of Workby Sophie Wade

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Catherine Sollmann, author of books for women in business, recommends Wade's book as "one of the great bibles on the future of work." The book contains a wealth of information about how the workplace of the modern employee is changing now and how older workers can adapt to these changes.

“Traditional, more-than-full-day work tied to your desk will soon be a dinosaur,” Sollmann says. "The best way to stay relevant in today's job market is to truly understand the forces driving the market forward and how you can best fit into it." Reading Sophie's book will help you figure it all out.

Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono and the Gates Foundationby John Dorr

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John Dorr, the famous venture capitalist, is known for being one of the first investors and inspirers of Google. He now gives valuable advice to workers in the later stages of their careers in the Measure What Matters project.

“This book is important for anyone who wants to understand how to remain a relevant and engaged employee,” says career coach Elana Constantin. The key for workers of all ages, especially in the ten years before retirement, is key, she said, to prove their worth and relevance to the employer. Doerr's book offers strategies for doing this. "To continually add value, employees must evolve with the company and industry."

Work Rules !: Insights from Inside - <br> Google That Will Transform How You Live and Leadby Laszlo Bock

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Career Coach Ngoc Nguyen says that a book written by perennial HR professional Laszlo Sideways contains ideas that go beyond regular hiring and corporate organizational practice.

“The book draws on behavioral economics, human psychology, and Google's own research, so it can provide any manager with a philosophy of work, and a blueprint for how to unleash the best in workers,” Nguyen says. - If you are managing someone, there is a ton of practical advice in this book to help you make your work more efficient. And it will increase your value to the employer. ”

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