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The fourth death of an American in the Dominican Republic: they all occurred in the same hotel.

The family of a woman from Pennsylvania, who rested in the Dominican Republic last year, said that she died in her room at a resort where a series of deaths of American tourists occurred last month.

Photo: site screenshot Fox News

Relatives of 51-year-old Yvette Monique Sport said that she went to a popular tourist destination last June and stopped at the Bahia Principe Resort in Punta Cana.

They say that she drank something from the mini-bar in her room, then went to bed and did not wake up anymore.

The death announcement of Sport appeared after the news of the deaths of three American tourists in five days, which occurred in their rooms in hotels belonging to the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts hotel group.

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The death certificate for Sport indicates the cause - “heart attack”.

“She was 51 for a year, she was relatively healthy, she had no reason to come on vacation to die suddenly,” said her sister Felesia Nieves in an interview with FOX 29.

The US State Department confirmed her death in an e-mail to Fox News.

“We can confirm the death of US citizen Yvette Monique Sport in June 2018 of the year in the Dominican Republic,” the statement said. - We express sincere condolences to her family. Sport died at another Bahia Principe hotel in Punta Cana, about 50 miles from the Nueva Romana hotels. Out of respect for the privacy of her family, we cannot comment further on her case. ”

The circumstances of the death of Sport are identical to the circumstances of Miranda Schaupp-Werner from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who fell and died on May 25 after drinking something from the minibar in the room.

Photo: ABC News screenshot

Five days later, 30 May, another pair, Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day, were found dead in their room.

Photo: Nathaniel Holmes / Facebook

“In this regard, I have a question whether the established cause of death is correct,” said Nives.

Sport rested there with her fiancé Howard Taltoan and their friends.

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  • It was previously reported that Nathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Ann Day, 49, are from Prince George County, Virginia, were discovered in the Bahía Príncipe hotel room in the Playa Nueva Romana resort, on the south-east coast of the country. The cause of death has not yet been established, but the police found no signs of violence.
  • On the same day it was reported that young spouses from Texas died from a mysterious illness while on “awesome vacation” in Fiji.
  • 3, a State Department spokesman, confirmed their death in a special press statement, but was unable to provide details of the situation.
  • Delaware Woman severely beaten and left to die at a resort in the Dominican Republic. Tammy Lawrence-Daily said she wants to share her story "in the hope that women will be more knowledgeable."
  • She said that on the second night of her vacation in January at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana resort, where she arrived with her husband and two friends, she went to the next building to have a snack. She was attacked. The woman's nose and arm are broken, she has partially lost her hearing.
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