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Five great wines you can buy at ALDI for under $10

The selection of inexpensive wines in the ALDI store is perhaps the best among the large grocery chains. You can buy a bottle for $10 or less, reports take out.

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Josh Wussow, wine buyer at ALDI, believes that wine, "liquid courage", will help you get through "other people's hell" during the holidays, because not all meetings are equally pleasant.

A good bottle of wine can go a long way in smoothing out tense conversations. This is where ALDI can help you. The selection of inexpensive wines in the store is simply huge. From reds, whites and all pinks.

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“I have never had a bad wine from this seller. However, some wines are definitely better than others. Over the past few months, I've narrowed down my holiday list to five options that cost less than $10 each,” says Josh.

Outlander Cabernet Sauvignon ($8,99 Paso Robles, CA)

Let's start with the most popular, as Josh says. Outlander offers several varieties, but Cabernet is the cream of the crop.

“I found this wine dark and smooth, with the plum and blackberry flavors promised in the description. There was also some red chilli flakes and a hint of barnyard flavor. It may sound harsh, but trust me, it works,” he says.

On the back of the bottle there are recommendations to pair this wine with turkey pie.

Tailslide Pinot Noir ($6,99, California)

There's a simple rule when it comes to pairing red wine with food: when in doubt, take a pinot noir. This variety is one of the most auspicious options for the holiday table, and Tailslide is a prime example of this.

“I have taken this wine several times, with its juicy, enveloping tannins and aromas of oak and cranberry. There is another interesting scent here: the smell of clean carpet,” says Josh.

Evanta Malbec ($4,49, Mendoas, Argentina)

Josh's first thought after the audition Evanta was: “Does ALDI do it?”

This wine is a prime example of its breed. Argentinean Malbecs are generally good. This wine has quite a bit of spiciness, which, as the description says, “Pairs well with steak with chimichurri sauce, grilled red meat, chorizo, sausage, hamburgers and empanadas.” “Sounds like a Thanksgiving that I would love to attend,” Josh laughs.

Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc ($7,95, Marlborough, New Zealand)

“Have you ever wanted to dip the head of one of your siblings into a pool? Well if the pool was filled sunshine baythey could thank you,” says Josh.

This delicious white wine proved to be ideal for cooking. Josh has created some of the most delicious sauces he's ever made. The ALDI description reads: "Fresh acidity, rocky minerality and citrus notes." “While red wines have taken my heart, this New Zealand sauvignon blanc is welcome in my kitchen any day,” Josh said.

Elementalist Pinot Grigio ($7,99, California)

If you like white wine, you will almost certainly like it. elementalist. Its taste is bright and surprisingly clean, with soft and pleasant tannins. At just 12% ABV, Pinot Grigio is the softest bottle on the list, according to Josh. It's fruity, sweet, and pairs well with lighter dishes before turkey. Just be aware that once the toppings and dark meat hit the table, the flavor can be muted.

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“In short, each of these wines is worth your money. They are delicious, affordable, absolutely healthy and harmless. Although I don't think any of them can handle my Uncle Darrell - he talks about politics and shovels leftover food into a used McDonald's bag. Every feast,” Joshua said.

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