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Verification of fact: scientists have developed tissue that can destroy coronavirus

There are many reasons to be skeptical of Internet messages claiming that a material or substance kills the coronavirus. Social networks can become a source of a whole stream of tips mentioning all kinds of home remedies, which range from unproven to very dangerous ones, writes USA Today.

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This means that it would be perfectly normal to be surprised to come across an article in Indianapolis Monthly, also published on social networks, which says that scientists have discovered tissue that "kills coronavirus."

But it seems that this statement has a scientific basis. USA Today conducted its own investigation, finding out what is behind this discovery.

Based on FDA Approved Concept

Researchers have found that low-level electric fields can make coronavirus unable to infect humans after minutes of exposure to such a field. And this is not a new technology.

The concept of electrical fabric was developed several years ago by Chandan Sen, now the director of the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering at Indiana University School of Medicine. Working at Ohio State University in 2017, he created an electric-based antimicrobial dressing that was approved by the FDA and sold by Vomaris under the name Procella.

On May 14, Sen talked in detail about the possible use of COVID-19 in a preliminary study published online on the ChemRxiv preprint server, which hosts early versions of studies prior to official review and publication.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Sen thought about how his research could help fight the infection, he said in a YouTube video published by Indiana University.

“We tried to devote some time to understanding the physical form of this virus, and, possibly, identifying its weaknesses that we could pay attention to,” Sen said.

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Coronaviruses generally rely on electrostatic interactions to assemble into an infectious form and “attach” to a person.

The electrical fabric consists of polyester with a series of metal dots - an alternation of silver and zinc - printed on the surface in the form of a geometric pattern. These metals, when exposed to moisture, create trace elements that generate an electric charge. No wire or external battery is required for this.

“Then we thought that our dressing could destroy these electrostatic forces, and we began to test it. The results seemed very promising, ”Sen said in a video. - You use a very weak electric field, harmless to humans, but able to eliminate bacterial infections. "We are currently working on the fight against fungal infection, and now we see that it can also lead to the destruction of viruses."

Vomaris, through its FDA Emergency Approval program, has applied for face mask fabric against COVID-19.

Indianapolis Star announced May 26 that the company hopes to use fabric for the development of two products: a washable mask with a disposable insertable layer of pharmaceutical fabric, and a mask designed for single use. The company hopes these products will hit the market by the fall flu season.

“The use of personal protective equipment is important to protect healthcare providers from COVID-19,” said the Sen study. “However, the use of these agents per se is a significant threat, since removing contaminated protective agents containing viable viral particles can infect humans and potentially spread the infection.”

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Conclusion USA Today: The information is true. The publication evaluates this statement as true and based on research. But there is an important warning: these conclusions are preliminary. The use of tissue has not yet been reviewed or approved by the FDA, but initial studies show that electronic tissue is indeed capable of neutralizing the virus after a minute of contact with the electric field created by the tissue.

The company, which is already producing this product for use as a wound dressing, hopes to prepare it for release later this year for use in antiviral face masks.

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