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Scratch the Ankle and Letters-Letters: the most incredible names of cities in the USA

You've probably heard the phrase "When hell freezes over." Well, that's not such a far-fetched assumption if you come from a town in Michigan that is actually called Hell. What other unusual settlements are there in the United States, the publication said FarandWide.

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Hell, Michigan

It turns out that Hell is not in an impregnable place, but only 15 miles from Ann Arbor. And it's unclear if he's trying to be a metal city or if he wants to warn you to turn back and run away from him as quickly as possible.

The townspeople themselves do not know that. Theories about the origin of its name are different. Some say it comes from the German word "bright". Others said that the western settlers hated him because of the mosquitoes and impenetrable forests in the area.

We may never know the truth.

The city plays up its name very skillfully and cheerfully. What you can do in Hell, read in our material.

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

You must love a city that loves good coffee. In the late 1800s, entrepreneur Davis hung a coffee pot as an advertisement outside his store and wrote: "The best hot coffee in the world."

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He did not just brew coffee beans in spring water, but added a little molasses, which made his drink special and memorable. The coffee was so good that people returned to the city between Natchez and Mobile for another cup of his delicious hot drink. This is how the name of the city was born.

No name, Colorado

As you probably guessed, the original intention was never to keep this name. Officials used to fill out during legal transactions.

But the locals found this name even very funny - so much so that they even petitioned for it to remain that way.

Pee Pee, Ohio

As the story goes, a man named Peter Patrick once carved his initials on a tree - P.P. Over the years, he became known as Pee-Pee (Pis-Pis), as well as Pee-Pee Creek.

Some locals live in the nearby town of Waverley to avoid jokes after you say you live in Pis-Pis.

Scratch Ankle, Alabama

People here often scratched their ankles to relieve itching from mosquito, flea or black mosquito bites, which led to the city's very literal name.

The town of about 200 people is located about 80 miles (128 km) southwest of Montgomery.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Over the years, this city has had to invest in additional signage as it is often targeted by thieves who find the name funny. The original name of Cross Keys was changed in the mid-1700s to Intercourse in 1814. But at the time, the townspeople did not consider the word a sexual term.

Perhaps they chose this name because the city was located at the intersection of two main roads. Or it could reflect the original meaning of the word, which described communication and social interaction.

Modern travelers in the area find it particularly amusing that the Intercourse is located about eight miles from the town of Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.

Why, Arizona

Geographic indicators often play a role in identifying a city. In this case, people called this place Y because it was at a Y-shaped intersection of two roads.

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This word was changed to Why when Arizona law required place names to be at least three letters long.

The city is located 30 miles (48 km) from the Mexican border and north of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, a magnificent wilderness sanctuary worth visiting.

Why Not (Whynot), North Carolina

Finding the correct city name can sometimes be tedious and even annoying. This is exactly what happened in the Piedmont region of North Carolina when residents were discussing what to call the place.

One person suggested, "Why not call it that." Another objected to him: "Why not call it differently." Frustrated, one of them said, "Why not call it" Why not, "so we can safely go home." As a result, he won.

Originally they were two words, but over the years they have become one. The community is located on Highway 705 called the North Carolina Pottery Highway. The road is known for its community of potters and historic outposts such as the Jugtown Pottery. It was founded in 1921 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Greasy Corner, Arkansas

As strange as the name of this city may be, the story of how it came into being is even stranger. It was originally called Mack's Corner after a local businessman named McCollum.

McCollum owned several businesses in the same building, including a restaurant and a car dealership. As you might expect, it was not the cleanest environment, and when one of the customers received a plate of food that was stained with car grease, he bitterly joked that the city should be called Fat Corner.

And everyone thought it was a great idea, and the city could not survive that fateful day of the fatty plate.

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