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Ten lesser-known cities in the United States worth visiting

When going on vacation, most people plan a trip to cities or countries that have been heard about or seen on TV. But a trip to such places can often be boring and mundane because of the typical tourist shops or not so friendly residents, tired of the constant questions of visitors.

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Edition SF Gate collected a selection of cities in the United States, of which few have heard, but a visit to which can leave pleasant memories for many years.

1. Damariscott, Maine

Most people here are engaged in fishing, because the town is located on the salty river of Damariscott, whose shores are covered with oyster shells, which, according to historians, can be 2,5 thousands of years old.

2. Galena, Illinois

Thanks to the irresistible charm of this small town, you will feel as if you had traveled in time several decades ago. It is worth visiting the old market building, the historical community and the museum.

3. Pella, Iowa

Most of the year in this town is quiet and peaceful, but it is completely transformed in May, when the annual tulip festival is held here. In order to honor the Dutch origin of the town, residents decorate the streets in the Dutch style.

4. Welch, WV

Previously, this town was focused on coal mining, but now it is of great historical importance, thanks to Kimball War Memorial.

5. Wulfborough, New Hampshire

The town's slogan is “The Oldest Summer Resort in America”, which is not surprising given that it sits on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Residents of New Hampshire, Boston and even some Hollywood stars like Drew Barrymore like to spend summer here.

6. Corning, New York

Wineries and breweries, beautiful views of the lakes, restaurants with excellent cuisine - well, what else is missing for a great holiday?

7. Keene, New Hampshire

Keene's city center is a must-see, but don't ignore the outskirts of the city - they are very spectacular here, with lakes and great hiking spots.

8. Ferndale, CA

When you see how beautiful the center of this town is, you will immediately understand why all its 1300 inhabitants live one square mile in the center of Ferndale. There are beautifully preserved buildings in the Victorian style.

9. Franklin, Tennessee

This town has a very rich culture and history. In addition to antique shops and restaurants, here you can have good fun at the local theater - The Franklin Theater.

10. Healdsburg, California

In this city they are engaged in winemaking, but, apart from tastings, you can go hiking, cycling or even canoeing.


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