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A wave of storms swept across the United States: a tree fell on the car of a Ukrainian producer in Arizona

In Arizona, a car fell on a rented car of Ukrainian producer Igor Kondratyuk. He announced this on his page in Instagram.

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“There was a storm late last night in Tempe, Arizona. Very strong, I don't remember that. At the hotel where we live, this storm led to only one incident: a tree fell on a car. But that was my rental car. Fortunately, the car was not damaged. And he was fully insured. And yesterday I was glad that I hid the car from the sun, ”wrote the producer.

Kondratyuk has been in the United States for several days already, he published photos from his visit to Antelope Canyon and Lag Vegas (Nevada).

Storms in Arizona

At least 12 Arizona residents were left without electricity after hurricanes swept across the territory from Monday evening, August 000, until Tuesday morning, August 16, writes 12news.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Phoenix reported that devastating winds raged in Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler counties. it also announced a severe thunderstorm warning. Another severe thunderstorm struck parts of Maricopa County.

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The blackouts occur the day after the state declared an emergency and allocated $ 200 in recovery funds for the disastrous flood victims in Hila Bend.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff, two people died, at least 30 were rescued from rooftops and more than 100 people were forced to flee their homes due to flooding.

One to three inches of rain fell after heavy monsoon storms.

Several flood warnings were issued from Saturday to Sunday. Power lines collapsed that weekend due to strong winds, leaving thousands of people without electricity.

Central Arizona has experienced 60 lightning flashes.

Tornado in the Carolines

The remnants of Fred's Tropical Depression triggered a tornado chain reaction in the Carolines, a day after the storm came ashore along Florida's Gulf Coast. The New York Times.

During the night, the Weather Service issued at least 10 tornado warnings in North and South Carolina.

Tornadoes have been reported in Edgefield, South Carolina and Iredell County, North Carolina. No injuries were reported.

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In Greenville County, South Carolina, students and school teachers were told to take shelter in place after a tornado warning was issued in the area.

In addition, 39 Duke Energy customers in Carolina were left without electricity, including about 200 in the Charlotte area.

Duke Energy said on its website that strong winds and heavy rainfall caused "significant structural damage" to its power grid in the mountains and foothills of North and South Carolina.

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