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This August is the bloodiest month in Chicago in 20 years.

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August 2016 was the bloodiest month in Chicago since 1997. According to the Chicago police, there were a total of 78 murders (in October 1997 - 79 killed), and that's not counting the two remaining days of the month.

In addition, more 400 people were injured in Chicago in August.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier, for 7 of the first months of 2016 of the year from gunshot wounds in Chicago in one way or another hit xnumx people. To date, this figure has already increased to 2800 people, of whom 487 people have been killed.

Last year, according to the Chicago Tribune, 12 was killed for all 491 months, and thousands of people were reportedly affected by 3.

Chicago is ahead of New York and Los Angeles combined this year, although both cities have a population that exceeds the number of Chicago residents (about 2,6 million). In New York, 8 people were killed in less than 222 months, and 176 victims in Los Angeles.

At the same time, the homicide rate per capita in Chicago is usually lower than in many cities with a smaller population.

More crimes were recorded in the south and west of Chicago. Among the most dangerous areas are Harrison and Inglewood.

Chicago police noted an increase in the number of illegal weapons and the problem of gangs. Officials have repeatedly called for tougher penalties for repeated arrests because of possession of unregistered weapons.

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