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During 2016, 2300 people suffered from gunshot wounds in Chicago

The number of firearm victims in Chicago has grown dramatically. Photo:

The number of firearm casualties in Chicago has greatly increased.

47 people were injured in Chicago over the weekend (July 22-24), of which 5 died on the spot.

In total, for 7 months, 2016 of the year in shootouts in Chicago suffered about 2 300 people wrote Chicago Tribune.

Data on weekends (July 22-24):

  • 19 people were injured, two of them died during the 14-hour period: from 16: 30 on Friday to 6: 45 on Saturday;
  • Another 2 man was killed and 8 was injured in gunfire from Saturday evening to Sunday morning;
  • Another deadly shooting occurred on Sunday afternoon, one person was killed, 16 injured.

In the last shootout of the weekend, a burglar was injured trying to rob a former police officer.

Statistics show that the number of victims of firearms for the first 7 months of 2016 of the year is more for 740 people than for the same period of 2015 of the year. There were 268 killings in the city, which is 105 more killings than during the same period of the year 2015.

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In the U.S. Chicago wounded the dead gun possession gun control

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