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In the United States created a vaccine against Chinese coronavirus and are ready to give it to other countries for free

Texas Genetic Engineering Company claims to have created a vaccine against a new coronavirus, reports Fox Business.

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CEO Greffex Inc. John Price told the Houston Business Journal that his company completed the development of the vaccine this week. Now she will move on to animal testing, in accordance with the requirements of the US government.

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“The challenge in creating a vaccine is this: can you create enough vaccine doses to fit everyone? Can you test this vaccine quickly and effectively? And can you then pass it on to patients? In all this, we have an advantage over other companies. " - said John Price, KHOU.

If the government approves the vaccine, Greffex will distribute it for free in other countries, Price added.

According to him, no live or dead samples of the virus that appeared in Wuhan, China, were used to create the vaccine. This method is used to create immunity to the virus, such as a flu vaccine. Instead, Greffex uses adenovirus-based vector vaccines, which means they are genetically engineered.

The vaccine was developed as a result of a $ 18,9 million contract that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases concluded with Greffex in September 2019 to fight infectious diseases.

To date, more than 26 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) by 1000 countries outside of China. China told WHO of more than 2100 deaths and 74 cases of infection.

It also turned out that the coronavirus COVID-19 may be asymptomatic. The first case of such infection has been revealed in China, reports “Voice of America».

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A 20-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan, who became the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, went to another city almost 700 kilometers to the north, where she infected five of her relatives. All five people developed pneumonia caused by COVID-19, but as of February 11, the woman herself had no symptoms of the disease.

A study published in the journal Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that the possibility of asymptomatic coronavirus infection can complicate the fight against its spread.

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