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Trump has extended the quarantine recommendations for US residents: what you need to know

On Sunday, March 29, the White House’s Rose Garden hosted another press briefing of the Coronavirus Working Group, writes "Voice of America". According to the data at 14:00 ET in the United States on March 30, 148 089 cases of infection with the 2019-nCoV virus were recorded.

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Opening the briefing, US President Donald Trump focused on the main measures to counter the epidemic taken by the administration and various departments of the country.

The President expressed his gratitude to the staff of the testing laboratories, noting the high pace and effectiveness of their work.

Trump praised the role of the military in the fight against the epidemic.

Focusing on the situation in New York, the president spoke about medical planes arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport. Trump said that the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, expressed appreciation for the assistance provided, emphasizing that New Yorkers were faced with a disaster that they had never encountered before.

Turning to specific issues, President Trump, in particular, addressed the problem of sterilization of protective masks.

He also noted that the development of a vaccine against coronavirus is proceeding rapidly.

The President spoke about his conversation earlier Sunday with the leaders of the supply system.

The federal government continues to mobilize all resources to tackle the epidemic, Trump stressed. In this regard, he mentioned the role of a number of companies in resolving the situation.

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The President reiterated the need to comply with recommendations published by the administration, and, in particular, social distance.

Trump said that thanks to highly qualified specialists, it was possible to significantly reduce the number of infected and the number of deaths.

The president said the recommendations on “social distance” will be extended until April 30. Speaking at a briefing, the head of the Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, expressed support for this decision.

Touching on his earlier opinion that the number of deaths as a result of an epidemic in the United States could amount to one hundred thousand people, Fauchi explained that it was a theoretical model reflecting this possibility. He emphasized the need to take all measures to prevent such a development of events.

President Trump noted during the briefing that, as he was informed, if the necessary measures were not taken, the number of deaths would be close to 2,2 million people.

Referring to data on the number of coronavirus infections in the United States, President Trump recalled that testing in the United States is conducted on a larger scale than anywhere else in the world.

Trump expressed the conviction that the ongoing crisis will ultimately make Americans stronger.

Answering a question about the ratings of approval of the president’s work in opinion polls, Trump pointed to the achievements of his administration, in particular, in the economic sphere.

As Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin said earlier, the Americans will receive payments related to the economic assistance package in connection with the epidemic within three weeks.

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Recall also that the experts of the Working Group convinced President Donald Trump that the publication of a travel warning is preferable to strict quarantine in New York and its environs to limit the spread of the pathogen. This was reported by U.S. officials earlier Sunday.

On Saturday. On March 28, Trump said he could ban entry and exit from New York State and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, a territory that has become the epicenter of the US health crisis. The president’s statement sparked protests from some governors, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A few hours later, Trump abandoned this idea, instead supporting the publication of a stern travel warning, which was then announced by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Last night in the White House, the president and I had a very intense discussion. As you know, the initial proposal was to seriously consider mandatory quarantine, ”said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

"After discussions with the president, we made it clear, and he agreed that it would be much better to issue urgent recommendations," said Fauchi, speaking in the "Situation in the Country" program on CNN.

According to Fauci, measures to ensure quarantine can create more difficulties for people, despite the fact that the goal can be achieved with the help of recommendations.

Members of the working group on Saturday, March 28, unanimously supported the publication of the warning, said US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin. According to him, Trump agreed with this.

“I think the president wanted to consider all the options. He was obviously worried about what was happening in New York, ”Mnuchin said in an interview with Fox News.

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Trump also talked with the state governors and “was satisfied that people would take this warning seriously and refuse to travel,” Mnuchin added.

Cuomo said that he supported the publication of the warning, noting that there was "nothing" in it that the state authorities were no longer doing.

“We ask every governor and every mayor to prepare as New York is preparing now,” said Dr. Deborah Birks, a member of the White House working group.

“Not a single state, not a single large city can stand aside,” she said, speaking on the NBC’s “Meet the Press” program.

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