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In which countries of the world not a single case of coronavirus has been officially recorded

There are still corners in the world where I haven’t reached, or the coronavirus 2019-nCoV supposedly didn’t reach, writes FoxNews. We are publishing a list of independent states free of a deadly pandemic as of March 28.

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According to scientists, the 2019-nCoV virus is spreading exponentially across the planet. Currently, more than 645 thousand cases of infection and 30 thousand deaths are known. Just a week ago it was reported that the virus did not reach 63 countries. Now, unfortunately, this figure has decreased to 19. So what kind of countries are these and what kind of population do they have:

  • Botswana - 2,3 million people.
  • Burundi - 10,9 million people.
  • Cape Verde - 525 thousand people
  • Comoros - 814 thousand people
  • Kiribati - 116,3 thousand people
  • Lesotho - 2,2 million people
  • Malawi - 18,6 million people.
  • Palau - 21,7 thousand people
  • Samoa - 196,4 thousand people.
  • Sao Tome and Principe - 204,3 thousand people.
  • Sierra Leone - 7,6 million people.
  • Solomon Islands - 611,3 thousand people
  • Southern Sudan - 12,6 million people.
  • Tajikistan - 8,9 million people.
  • Tonga - 108 thousand people
  • Туркменистан - 5,8 million people.
  • Tuvalu - 11,2 thousand people
  • Vanuatu - 276,3 thousand people
  • Yemen - 28,2 million people.

On the subject: How collective immunity works and whether it will help tame the coronavirus

Nevertheless, representatives of health systems and international experts warn that if the country has not reported cases of coronavirus, this does not mean that it really is not there. In some countries, there are still not enough tests to detect the virus, in others it is a matter of authoritarian political conviction and repression.

On the subject: Coronavirus in the United States was already in November 2019: is this true

For example, North Korea, bordering the first outbreak of the China pandemic, has not taken any steps to recognize the existence of the virus in the country, while thousands are already struggling with the disease. March 25 edition of the Financial Times reportedthat Pyongyang “secretly” turned to international organizations in a desperate attempt to get help in controlling the spread of the disease.

“The government has kits for testing, but they are not enough,” the source said.

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How collective immunity works and whether it will help tame the coronavirus

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