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Named US city with the highest levels of stress, and this is not New York

A new study on the level of stress experienced by city dwellers studied the opinions of more than 3000 people from major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Chicago. Unexpectedly, the most stressful city turned out to be not at all New York, which has long been such an opinion.

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As a result of the study, it turned out that 76% of respondents in Los Angeles are at least somewhat stressed every day. This data pushed New York to second place in the ranking of cities with the maximum level of everyday stress, writes New York Post.

61% of Los Angeles residents are also more likely to say their city is the most difficult city to live in in the United States.

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A study by OnePoll also found that Los Angeles residents can only spend 10,5 days in their city without a break from stress. This is 7 days less than New Yorkers and 9 days less than those living in Chicago. Also, only 6% of Los Angeles respondents said they “never” experience stress.

The main goal of the study was to identify specific locations that residents consider to be the greatest “stress stimulators” in their city. The survey was conducted on behalf of a ginger ale company and planned to provide these locations with its products so residents could “relax a bit,” said Derek Dabrowski, vice president of marketing for the brand Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

In New York, Times Square was recognized as a stressful spot (39%), Central Station ranked second (37%). The ACE train line was also recognized as the busiest in the metro.

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Chicagoans voted Chicago Loop as Busiest Place (34%), while Magnificent Mile came in second (26%). The title of “most stressful metro line” was awarded to Red Line (40%).

In San Francisco, Tenderloin was named the most stressful (46%). Union Square (32%) and Chinatown (30%) round out the top three. Residents of the city called the cost of housing here "bad" (53%).

Residents of Los Angeles called Hollywood and the Highland Center the least relaxing places on a typical day (35%), Universal Studios (31%) came second. Among all the highways in the City of Angels, the 105 highway was recognized as the worst.

In Dallas, residents chose Dallas Fort West as the busiest place (48%), followed by any road inspection point (37%).

Finally, in Miami, South Beach was named the most stressful (35%), Dolphin Mall (34%) and Bayside Marketplace (29%) received high marks.

How many people in the studied cities feel stressed every day:

  • Los Angeles - 76%
  • New York - 72%
  • Chicago - 65%
  • Miami - 64%
  • Dallas - 48%
  • San Francisco - 44%

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