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Floods and landslides: Tropical storm in the USA Fred

Tropical Storm Fred formed on Tuesday evening, August 10, off the coast of Puerto Rico, marking the sixth storm in the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Writes about it CNN.

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According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), as of 05:00 on August 11, the storm was approximately 115 miles (185 km) southeast of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with sustained winds of 40 miles (64 km) ) at one o'clock.

Much of the Caribbean is preparing for the hurricane as it is expected to head west near Hispaniola on Wednesday and into the southeastern Bahamas on Thursday.

Tropical storm warnings are in effect in parts of the Dominican Republic, the southeastern Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and parts of Haiti.

Tropical Storm Warning means that tropical storm conditions are possible in the warning zone for 36 hours.

Screenshot: NHC

Fred is not currently expected to turn into a hurricane, but the forecast is likely to change as the storm develops, said meteorologist Michael Guy.

Guy predicts that by Friday, August 13, the storm will reach South Florida and possibly hit the coast of the Florida Keys.

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Dangerous surf and currents headed for the Caribbean

The storm will bring flood rains across the Caribbean during the middle of the week, raising fears of flash floods and landslides in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

"The greatest threat of flooding impact will occur in the eastern and southeastern parts of Puerto Rico," said the NHC.

The Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are expected to receive 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm) of precipitation with isolated amounts of up to 6 inches (15 cm). The Dominican Republic can also see 3 to 6 inches (7-15 cm). And 1 to 3 inches (2,5-7,5 cm) are projected for the Windward Islands.

Screenshot: NHC

Dangerous currents also affect the Caribbean Sea and will continue in the warning and surveillance zones.

Tropical storm winds and torrential rains will threaten the wider region in Hispaniola, Bahamas and Cuba in the second half of the week as the storm spreads across the northern Caribbean.

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A tropical storm is approaching Cuba, interaction with land has the potential to significantly dampen the storm. Some models show that the storm will hit the island, which will prevent the intensification.

But if it goes a more northerly route in open waters, there is still the possibility of its further strengthening, the forecast is still uncertain.

“Over the next few days, the storm will affect Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and probably won't intensify much, but there will be a lot of warm water after that and it could get stronger,” said meteorologist Chad Myers.

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