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May cause cancer: five types of sunscreen sprays are recalled in the US

Johnson & Johnson is recalling five of its Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreen sprays after the company found benzene, a cancer-causing chemical in some samples. Writes about it New York Post.

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The company said shoppers should stop using the recalled products sold in stores across the country.

The review applies to Aveeno Protect + Refresh sunscreen aerosol cream and four Neutrogena sunscreens: Beach Defense, CoolDry Sport, Invisible Daily Defense, and UltraSheer.

J&J noted that benzene, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims, can cause leukemia or other cancers after prolonged exposure to high doses, and should not be included in sunscreens.

The pharmaceutical giant said it is investigating how the chemical could have gotten into some of its products.

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"Daily exposure to the benzene in these sunscreen products at levels found in our testing is not expected to result in adverse health effects," Johnson & Johnson said in a statement. “Because of great care, we are recalling all shipments of these specific sunscreen products.”

J&J noted that the recall is voluntary and said it has notified the FDA of its recall.

The company is working to remove all shipments from shelves across the country.

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Customers can receive a refund by calling the J&J Consumer Care Center at 1-800-458-1673.

This announcement was the final touch for the company's consumer division. It has faced thousands of lawsuits in recent years claiming its legendary talc-based baby powder contains asbestos and causes cancer or mesothelioma.

The company suspended product sales last year and recently committed $ 3,9 billion to cover legal claims.

Last month, the US Supreme Court rejected Johnson & Johnson's proposal to overturn a $ 2,1 billion sentence in favor of women who said the company's talcum powder caused them ovarian cancer.

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In the U.S. the sun FDA Review
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