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Mass shooting in Oklahoma: five children and an adult killed in one house

A shooting in a house in eastern Oklahoma killed five children and a man, and a woman was hospitalized with serious injuries, police said February 2. CNN.

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The suspect, a 25-year-old man, was taken into custody after someone called 911 about the shooting in Muskogee, police spokeswoman Lynn Hamlin said. She identified the suspect as Jarron Dijon Prygen, but said authorities were not yet aware of his relationship with the victims.

The police have not yet disclosed the names and ages of the victims or information about the motives.

But investigators believe the victims were family and that the suspect lived with them, Hamlin said. She added that she did not know if the suspect was a relative of the victims.

“It was no coincidence ... because they all lived in this house together,” Hamlin told reporters. "But as for what all this relationship looks like, we don't know yet."

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According to Hamlin, the surviving victim is conscious and stable at the Tulsa hospital, where investigators are to travel. It was unclear if they had already visited the victim.

The police were called at around 1:30 am on Tuesday 2 February.

Hamlin said someone called 911 on a cell phone on February 2 at about 1:30 am ET about several people being shot dead at a home in Muskogee, a city of about 37 residents about 000 miles away. (40 km) southeast of Tulsa. The police still don't know who exactly called.

“When (the officers) arrived, they saw the suspect leaving the house with a pistol in his hand. One of our officers shot this suspect, but missed, ”Hamlin said.

The suspect fled, but officers arrested him after a short chase.

Inside the house, police found four children and a man dead, as well as a wounded child and a wounded woman. All of them received gunshot wounds.

The injured child and woman were taken by helicopter to Tulsa hospital, where the child was pronounced dead, police said.

The woman is being treated for life-threatening injuries, police said.

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Muskogee Schools have released a statement saying they have lost "two student family members at Creek Elementary" and that they will "take immediate steps for additional counseling services."

Hamlin said the suspect was sent to the Muskogee County Jail on the morning of the same day. She did not say what charges he was being held on.

“He has now decided not to cooperate with the investigation,” Hamlin said.

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