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Doctor's advice: how to buy medicine in the American pharmacy at the best price

Somehow our doctor was our guest, and he shared advice on how to buy medicine at the pharmacy at the best price. Living in America - shake it off!

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First board

Download the GoodRx app, it's free. They enter the name of the drug, and the application gives you its cost in all pharmacies located near your home. ⠀

We checked out of interest, and got this. The same medicine cost:

  • Walmart $ 20
  • Publix $ 24
  • Winn dixie $ 28
  • CVS $ 32 ⠀

Not so bad prices!

In this application there are also free medicine coupons, they also allow you to save money. ⠀

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I know many people laugh at Americans: they say they love coupons, coupon mania is flourishing. But if it saves money - why not.

Second tip

And one more tip from our buddy doctor.

Appointed to you, for example, ultrasound. For example, in a local hospital it will cost $ 3000 insurance. When the insurance pays for its part, you will have to pay, for example, $ 250.

On the subject: What you need to know if you are importing drugs to the USA

Ask in advance in the same hospital: if I do not have insurance, how much will ultrasound be? It is possible that it will cost you $ 150.

Then do it without insurance. But one thing ... it is very difficult to get information from hospital staff about how much their services cost. This is their worst secret, which they guard as Malchish Kibalchish.

The original blog is posted on the blog leader on the USA. alena_america.

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