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The legend of soap operas: California 'Santa Barbara' star Jed Allan died in California

In California, on the night of 9 on 10 in March, on the 85 year of life, the actor Jed Allan died, playing CC Capwell in the legendary series “Santa Barbara”, writes Yahoo.

His son, Rick Brown, told Facebook that the actor had died peacefully and with his family while in his home.

Jed Allan Brown was born 1 March 1935, in New York. He became a TV series star in 1960's, playing the “Love of Life” in the soap opera. This series started in 1951 year and went nine years. Then there was a short break, the writers and many actors changed, new characters appeared. Allan debuted on 1964 in the year. At the same time, he starred in another popular series - "The Secret Storm." In 1968, he got one of the main roles in the cult children's series "Lessi".

In 1971, the actor got a role in the famous TV series “Days of our lives”. He played Don Craig in him, one of the main characters, he starred in this role for 14 years.

In 1986, he was invited to star in Santa Barbara. At that time, the series has already become popular. Allan got the role of CC Sea Capwell, he was the fourth actor who played this character. And it turned out the best of them. Jed released Santa Barbara's 1089 episodes, he was on the show before the project was closed.

In 1994, Allan appeared in the popular TV series "Beverly Hills, 90 210". He played in it Rush Sanders (18 series).

As for his personal life, the actor was married to Toby Brown. In 1958, they got married and lived a happy life, raising three sons. It was his wife who convinced him that the role in Santa Barbara seemed created for him. He listened to his spouse and eventually, as they say in such cases, woke up famous, writes Yandex Zen.

In 2004, the actor came to Russia, and in one of the interviews with Russian journalists he admitted that he had always dreamed of playing Chekhov's play.

Few people know, but Allan's great-grandfather and great-grandmother were from Ukraine, and in the US they were in 1910, on a wave of emigration.

The real name of this family is Baranovsky, they have already become Brown in America. About this the actor himself told Russian journalists during a visit to Moscow.

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