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How to increase the chances of obtaining a US visa

The process of obtaining a visa in the United States actually consists of two stages - the preparation of the questionnaire and an interview. And the very fact of obtaining a visa is strongly influenced by objective factors that cannot be changed, and subjective factors that can be corrected in their favor. Let's talk about them, writes Alexey Gavrilyuk in the material on the site

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The article was written based on both personal experience in obtaining a visa in the United States, and the experience of those people whom I advised.

I do not care why you need a US visa, and talk about popular tourist visas of category B1 / B2, which many use as a step to stay in America forever. The purpose of the trip is exclusively yours, but remember that obtaining a cherished visa depends not only on the correctness of filling out the questionnaire, but also on whether the visa officer believes your history.

It often happens that people do not believe the true stories, and vice versa, stories made up for the purpose of immigration work out.

Objective factors affecting the receipt of a US visa

Briefly about what can not be fixed in the visa application form.

Relatives in the USA. I do not advise hiding the presence of relatives living in the USA - it will only be worse, the same applies to cases when parents or one of the parents live in the States.

Age and gender. It is clear that for a lonely girl or a guy of 20-25 years it is extremely difficult to get a visa, but it’s worth a try, since there are many other subjective and objective factors. If the other factors are against you - work, income, travel history, you will either have to risk money and go to the embassy in spite of everything, or wait a bit and during this time you will have to change something for your own good.

All other questions of the questionnaire either do not affect the receipt of a visa, or they can be treated creatively.

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Subjective factors affecting the receipt of a visa in the United States

I called them subjective, because some data, as well as its history, can be presented in different ways. Accordingly, the result will also be different. You will either receive a US visa or NOT.

Job. It is rightly considered an important factor of binding to the motherland. A good high paying job increases your chances and vice versa. Work does not have to be the so-called "official", that is, with a record in the workbook. She just has to be. Of course, there are many verification programs, but not everything is so straightforward.

Work is considered to be any source of income, even informal. The main thing is that it is legal, I hope this is understandable and true.

The questionnaire should indicate the main source of income. You can conduct business training, you can rent an apartment for rent or do needlework - knit items for sale. This is all your work.

What should be the income for a visa in the United States

There is no direct connection, but income should allow travel to the States for tourist purposes. For example, to travel to New York on 10 days you need no less than $ 1200 - $ 1500.

Legend or purpose of a trip to the USA

You can tell the truth that you are going to a second cousin for her granddaughter's wedding, and DO NOT get a visa, or you can write a story about going to visit the auction of agricultural equipment in New Mexico, although you are actually going to work as a truck driver. These are two real stories. In the first case, the person did not get a visa, but the future truck driver already plows Idaho's expanses on a large, brilliant truck. I do not urge to lie - but simply cite real examples.

So, the legend is the main subjective factor. Legend should be linked to your life in your homeland. What did I mean by that? If you are an IT person, you may well go to the conference on new digital technologies, but an invitation is necessary. But you can go to an exhibition dedicated to mobile communications, without an invitation, for example, in order to get acquainted with future partners.

Are you a young lady who makes a living by renting apartments? Then you can safely say that you are going to New York for Christmas sales, shopping is a great reason to fly to New York. If you are a successful entrepreneur (this should be seen from the questionnaire), then you may be going to Las Vegas, and an avid tourist who has several countries in Southeast Asia in his possession can say what he is going to see. US national parks.

The history of your previous trips

It really matters when getting a tourist visa and if the goal is pure tourism. If you, besides Turkey, did not go anywhere, you shouldn’t compose that you are going to travel for tourist purposes in America - most likely, no one will believe you, even if this is true.

If there is no travel history, higher chances are those who are going to a seminar-conference-exhibition or to visit friends. If the travel history is rich - feel free to say that you are going to travel around America, for example, California — a state rich in sights.

Increase the chances of using bus tours and a couple of Schengens does not work, it is a waste of time and money. Better change the purpose of the trip in accordance with your activities.

If you want to increase the chances of getting a visa in the United States in this way, then for a year or two, travel to distant countries, then go to the embassy again. This is a reliable, but long and costly path that is not suitable for everyone.


This is a negative factor for obtaining a visa in the United States, but not always. If you are just going to travel, then you need English within the school curriculum and you can indicate in the questionnaire that you do not know it.

But if you are going to look for partners at the exhibition or are going to refresher courses - English is needed and their knowledge will be accurately verified, just the visa officer will switch to English.

Behavior at the visa interview

Your goal of obtaining a visa and a trip to the United States may be true, or it may not be true, which is no secret. Visa officers also know this. But they often believe fictional stories and DO NOT believe the truth.

Simple tips

I risk being captain-obvious, but experience shows that everyone who is denied a visa in the United States makes similar mistakes. So read again, even if you all know what you think.

  • Answer confidently, all your intentions must be combined with your lifestyle.
  • Answer short and accessible, no one likes complicated multi-pass stories.
  • Answer sincerely, but make it clear that the refusal of a visa will not be a huge tragedy for you.
  • Do not be afraid and do not worry. Stinging and trembling in the voice - a sign that you will NOT get a visa. Just calmly answer the questions, without anguish and unnecessary showing. Smile, but do not abuse. Do not try to please the officer - it is useless.
  • Remember and believe for yourself what you are going to do at the interview. Key questions may relate to the purpose of your trip, your work at home and your income. The interview lasts no more than 3-4 minutes.
  • Dress simple, like in the office or in the movies. So as not to distract the visa officer from work. I think you understand me.

Plan correctly your purpose of travel to the USA, formulate the correct occupation and source of income, correctly assess your travel history - and your chances of obtaining a visa will increase. Checked on myself.

The most important thing

At the visa interview, the consultant who helped you with the documents will NOT be, you will not look on the Internet for tips either. Rely only on yourself - and everything will work out.

Good luck to all!

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