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The history of non-immigration: why moving to the United States is not the key to a successful life

The Russian woman, who decided to move to the United States, and then changed her mind, said that you should not do immigration as an end in itself; to move to another country you need a lot more than just a good opinion about this state.

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She shared her thoughts on a blog for GovorimPro.

I don’t know where my story begins ... Probably back in the 1999 year, when for the first time, when I was a student of the 3 course at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, I came to a distant, enticing America under the CCUSA program (work like our pioneer leaders in a children's camp) maybe at the end of 2008, when I suddenly had a thought, but rather a desire to leave Russia and go into emigration.

Probably better start from the countdown point. So I’m 30, I live in Russia, in St. Petersburg, where I moved from Kazakhstan 10 years ago, after graduating from the university, I have a stable job and a good stable, average earnings, which allows me not to really need money, but not so much scatter them. By 30 years, I was able to retrain from a translator to an economist, make repairs in my odnushka, buy a car and in general drive around half of Europe, exactly like the countries of Asia. But I am constantly experiencing some strange desire for a better life and the feeling that is not supported by anything, that the very happiness awaits me somewhere over the hill.

The question of emigration suddenly arose somehow by itself, the thought of a better life did not give rest and beckoned to exorbitant realities. Europe was swept away immediately, due to the difficulty or the impossibility of legalization, but the memories of America, which I saw for the first time in 1999, suddenly began to emerge one after another, beckoning with their white houses with green lawns, endless highways, countless supermarkets, etc. In the appendage to everything, there, far in America, were left friends who, unlike me, did not want to go back to Kazakhstan and Russia, and decided to build their future on the most economically developed part of the land.

In those old times I wanted to finish my education, and due to my youth, I was a little afraid of the idea of ​​illegal stay in a foreign country. So, it was decided that all efforts are aimed at collecting information on the methods of legalization in the United States.

The gathering began with an active questioning of friends in the United States who, in some strange way, kept silent about their places of work and ignored my questions about possible potential sources of income. This, of course, was strange, but not alarming, because there is now at our disposal an endless source of information called the Internet.

So, within a couple of months after the idea of ​​emigration first visited me, a forum was studied with its real stories, information was collected on ways of possible legalization, a B1 / B2 tourist visa was obtained (by the way, very easily), tickets were bought to New York at a very knockout price of 16 thousand rubles (about 260 dollars) and agreements were made with friends that I stay at the 2 week, for which I went to the States to scout out the situation and make the right decision.

Then there were New York, Boston, West Palm, Miami, Orlando. But, oddly enough, what I saw did not fit in with my American dream. The same America that conquered me 10 years ago did not surprise me at all, the endless and amazing rows of shops in the past seemed commonplace, the JFK airport turned from the unimaginable into an ordinary one, white houses with green lawns were not at all the limit of dreams, smiling omnipotent Americans are ordinary people.

I never tired of asking myself: what happened to America over these 10 years? Nothing! America remained America, but we have changed. Then, 10 years ago, we came from a devastated, impoverished country, shackled by Soviet prejudices, perhaps for the first time over the hill, and the attributes of a nourishing capitalist system were deafening - like a butt on the head.

Now I live in a different way, I would even say - in a different world, and now we have everything, and now we have seen everything, and maybe even in some aspects of life we ​​live better than Americans. Forgive me, I will not say for the whole of Russia, but the large cities of Russia are for sure.

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And just as my past impressions did not fit with the current ones about America in general, so the comparison of my Russian life with the lives of my friends on the most economically developed part of the land did not fit. Well, the shabby Vanbedrum in Brooklyn didn’t fit, the little one in Weschester, shared-room - in the suburbs of Boston with my understanding of a better life. And these very subjective conclusions, made by me after sorting through a heap of information, communicating with people and just silent contemplation, I want to share with you.

So, if you won the green card, then you probably won 5 years for yourself, which you don’t need to spend on legalization, but add 3-5 years of hard physical labor to them for unskilled work, because from the very first day you will need pay rent and bilz and just keep yourself in a foreign country, living by other rules.

There is little hope for a decent job, even if you have a lot of diplomas and good experience, for one simple reason - you need a language and education recognized by major US companies. Even if you are a Foreign Philology medalist and are fluent in English, you probably still have to go to a language school and improve your language, which is money and time, and bills come every month.

If you do not speak English on arrival in the States, then add two years, which will go to study it, while you will only work on the work that does not require his great knowledge.

Therefore, my advice to you is that if you participate in a lottery on drawing green cards, then you have a desire to leave sooner or later, so go to English courses today, don't pull, start increasing your chances of a decent life right now.

But let's move on, you are in the USA, you have legal documents, you know the language, you have a job or other source of income that allows you to stay afloat, but you came here for a better share, because there, at home, at you also had an apartment, a car, and in some cases a calm, good job. What to do? Alternatively, go to study and, preferably, a better college, whose diploma will be more or less popular among your potential employers, and this is time and money, and it is good if you are young, but if you are over 50 ... You can do the evaluation of a Russian diploma, but it is necessary keep in mind that very many positions in the USA have specific requirements for candidates, for example, for a position like mine (financial analyst / economist in production), as a rule, there are requirements for a CPA certificate (2 years of study), even just an accountant needs local American certificate and preferably issued in the state in which the accountant is going to work in the future, this is if you want to get a job in a large company for a decent salary. Alternatively, you will be accepted into a small private office, but we are again returning to the income that keeps you afloat.

A good, promising education is expensive, but if you are smart and young enough, you can win a grant or, in extreme cases, bet on yourself and take out a student loan. If you are already an established specialist or just a genius in your field, you better use the search for an employer in the USA who will open a work visa for you, and already at the stage of your move will provide you with the best conditions, and not play the lottery, but for some reason I am sure that if you are a mature specialist, then you already have a decent income here in Russia.

In total, after a few years of being in the United States, you can probably rent decent housing, pay bills, take large loans for a house and car, and maybe even educate children at a small percentage. But if you already have all this, then think, and then leave or do not leave.

The fact that America is a land of opportunity is greatly exaggerated; it is just another country in which life may be more comfortable, but no less simple. Opportunities are the same everywhere and depend on a specific individual, and if you have nothing here, you are unlikely to have there. Probably, if you are from a small town and it is difficult for you to find at least some kind of work, then America will seem fabulous and promising to you, but after all, finding a job there is quite difficult.

You can write for a long time and in detail, but my main conclusion is this: life is the same everywhere, “life” may be different, but the problems are essentially the same. Everyone has opportunities in Russia, and not only abroad, abilities can be developed. Dare wherever you are. I made my choice, for me now to leave for the States is to go back 5-7 years ago, but I really would not want that.

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