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4 is a well-paid profession for which you don’t need to go to college

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Moving to the United States, all immigrants, regardless of status, age and financial situation, ask themselves the same question - what will I do here? Of course, you want to find a job that will allow you to have a good income, but often you do not have the time and financial resources to study in college for several years. Fortunately, there are such professions that you can quickly master on the courses, and in the near future get a good salary.

Permanent Makeup Wizard

Any person can become a permanent makeup master. Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

The master of permanent make-up and microblading is perhaps the ideal profession for girls who have recently arrived in the US, they want to make good money and not spend all their savings on college in order to get the desired profession.

Training on the master permanent makeup takes up to two weeks depending on the student's employment. Of course, without knowledge of the basics, nothing happens, but success on 50% depends on active practice, perseverance and patience.

You don't need to have artistic skills to become a master - you just need to be able to apply makeup and have a taste. And then it's up to a little - to study at school and pass the state exam, which is not at all difficult even for a person who does not speak English very well.

The profession is really promising, because women will never cease to want to be beautiful, and perfectly traced eyebrows or beautifully outlined full lips will always be in fashion.

“A permanent makeup artist is still a very rare profession. Good specialists are always happy to host salons and spas, and those who work for themselves will always be able to find clients. The money in this area is very good - depending on the state and city, procedures cost from $ 350 for eyebrows and up to $ 1200 for breast areola reconstruction. And this money can be obtained in just a few hours of your labor. Isn't it a dream job? ”Smiles Anna Ishutina, the founder of the first Russian-language school for permanent makeup artists in the USA TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio.

Her School Salon is located in Brooklyn and is a large bright open-space space, conducive to knowledge and creativity - no offices and desks.

To become a specialist, school students must complete 100 hours of the basic course, followed by a license exam. The school offers both regular classes - from 9.30 to 17.00, and intensive - from 9.30 to 20.00.

In the program: the study of medicine, color, make-up, hand positioning, practicing techniques on latex and on models. Teaching is conducted in small groups of up to 4 people - this approach allows teachers to pay sufficient attention to each person.

Having mastered the basics of applying permanent makeup on the face, you can slowly move on to performing more complex procedures, such as restoring the areola of the nipple for women who have undergone mastectomy, or to tricopigmentation - imitation of hair follicles.

“You shouldn't think that, having become a permanent make-up master, you will by all means shut up in your office and do the same thing every day. Career growth is possible in the field of permanent makeup - you can find salons or SPA with favorable conditions for you, or you can open your own office. When you become a recognizable master, you will be invited to congresses and conferences, and after that some company working in the field of permanent makeup may well make you the face of their brand. You can also fly around the world and teach master classes, ”Anna Ishutina describes the prospects for the profession.

Software Tester

You can get a high-paying profession in just a few months. Photo: Shutterstock

Professions from the IT sphere will never leave the rating of the most promising, demanded and highly paid ones. Especially if you work in the USA. Another thing is how to get into the IT sphere if you have never been involved in programming and do not know how to do anything?

The fastest way is to master a profession called a software quality control specialist or a Software QA tester. In the US, testers get 55-60 thousand a year from the start.

Testers are committed to controlling the quality of the products being developed, identifying and analyzing errors that users experience when working with products, developing autotests and testing scripts.

This work is suitable for meticulous and inquisitive people who love to improve everything they see on their way.

The training takes place on special courses and takes from several weeks to several months - depending on your employment.

First, you will need to take a manual testing course (Manual), and then you can improve your knowledge and learn the Selenium program in order to master automatic testing (Automation). Specialists who own Selenium can already claim 100 thousand per year or more.

Every year, more and more people from areas far from IT are learning the profession of a tester, because the number of IT companies and products is increasing exponentially, which means there will always be a demand for specialists.

Pharmacist Assistant

If you want to work in the medical field but don't have the opportunity to go to college for a few years, look into the Pharmacy Technician profession.

The assistant pharmacist is engaged in packing and issuing customers dosage forms, and also performs various administrative functions, working under the guidance of the chief pharmacist and, in fact, being his right hand. The pharmacist's assistant salary starts at $ 15-20 dollars per hour.

You can study, for example, in courses at the New York School of Medical Professions Concord rusam... It only takes you two months to become a pharmacist assistant. Licensed teachers with many years of experience will not only provide theoretical knowledge and help to master practical skills, but also prepare for the national exam.

“The program is 96 hours long and includes drug education, drug dosage calculations, dosing methods, inventory management, billing, prescription management, and knowledge of New York State pharmacy laws and career insights. explains the teacher of the Pharmacy Technician course at the school Concord rusam Zhanna Petrosyan. - We have the main textbook, according to which we build the course, but we also constantly check ourselves against the main information resource for pharmacists' assistants - the Pharmacy Technician Board, because the laws are periodically updated. I am focusing on those materials that are usually found on the exam. "

The school is contacted by the heads of various medical institutions who want to hire graduates. Photo: Concord Rusam

Classes are held on weekdays or weekends: flexible hours depend on the wishes of the students. Concord Rusam teachers are fluent in both English and Russian, so they can explain the most difficult materials and answer additional questions in Russian; thus, the language barrier does not become an obstacle to obtaining a new specialty. At school, students do a lot of independent work, therefore, by the time the course ends, future pharmacist assistants are already well familiar with the professional terminology and necessary procedures.

Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate from the school approved by the New York State Education Department. And then you can take an exam to obtain a national Pharmacy Technician certificate, which is valid in any state of America.

“Finding a job is not difficult at all, as pharmacist assistants are required in many places: in pharmacies and pharmaceutical departments located in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes,” says Zhanna.

Commercial pilot

Taking planes into the sky is a childhood dream of many men. In the United States, this dream is relatively easy to fulfill, as it doesn't take 4 years of college to get a profession.

All that is needed is to find a school and have a certain amount to pay for the course. And, of course, it is frantic to want to fly, fly and fly again.

It takes six months (depending on employment) and a lot of patience to complete the courses, because for a successful job search, you will need to obtain several certificates and licenses - a commercial pilot certificate, a first or second class medical certificate, an instrumental certificate and a certificate of several engines. While all this sounds scary, in fact it is only a matter of time and budget, because flight hours are usually not cheap.

To get a certificate of a commercial pilot, you need to complete a ground training course and fly at least 250 hours with the obligatory fulfillment of certain conditions and maneuvers. This is followed by a theoretical ground preparation exam and an exam flight with a representative of the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration).

Existing commercial airline pilots are required to have a first or second class medical certificate, which must be confirmed throughout their careers. Commercial airline pilots pass a medical commission once a year.

Given that commercial pilots earn around 69 thousands per year, all training costs pay for themselves fairly quickly.

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Private Career School Concord Rusam

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Phone: 212-619-2260


TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio

Address: 3049 Brighton 6 Str, Brooklyn, NY, 11235
Phone: + 1-347-922-6310

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