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4 medical professions for which the US does not need to study for years

You are a doctor with a diploma received at home and you can not figure out where to start to work in the specialty in the United States? Or have you always dreamed of getting a medical profession, but you didn’t have enough money and time for college? In America, in addition to the standard for the whole world professions of a doctor and a nurse, there are still a large number of related specialties, for which it is often not necessary to spend years on training.

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1.Electronic Health Records (electronic archive specialist)

This is a new profession in the labor market. Now all medical institutions should switch to electronic information storage system - in connection with this, both hospitals, insurance companies, and private medical offices need specialists who understand this. To teach this specialty is promised in Institute of Career Continuity. The school principal, Irina Kokurina, says that many colleges offer to master such a program, but there are significantly more expensive and there is no convenient schedule for working students.

“With us, you can study in the daytime or evening shift, and weekend training is also available. The program costs $ 2500. The background of a person does not matter at all - we take everyone, one requirement - that high school be completed. At the end of the course, students take a national exam and receive a certificate. They are looking for work in hospitals, medical offices, insurance companies - any places related to medicine, ”says the director.

Director of the Institute of Career Continuity Irina Kokurina. Photo: ForumDaily

According to her, in two-year colleges, where they offer to master this profession, the program is unreasonably extended. In their own school, the student himself decides with what intensity he can study. Anyone who does not work can attend day courses from Monday to Thursday. Working - in the evenings or on weekends.

They teach at the school in English, so when they enroll, students take a language proficiency test, but, according to Irina, they have a fairly good average level of English.

“The course necessarily includes preparation for interviews and advice on building a career. That is, we not only teach students, but also help them by explaining how to look for a job correctly, where to look for it, what to write on a resume, how to present yourself for an interview. This is an obligatory element of each of our programs, ”says Irina.

Day courses in Institute of Career Continuity by program Electronic health records starts on March 26, evening classes on March 19, weekend classes start on March 17. Additional information about this and other school programs can be found during the Open House Days on March 10 and 11. Also, during these two days, free educational consultations will be held, and on March 10 there will be a workshop “Rules for writing a resume”.

Contact School Institute of Career Continuity:

17 Battery Place 1223 Battery Place New York NY 10004, 12 floor

Phone: 212-335-0711



2. Clinical Medical Assistant (Medical Assistant)

You can master this profession in college, and you can in various private schools. So it will be cheaper and faster. The usual course lasts about six months and includes such specialties as Electrocardiography Technician (specialist for electrocardiogram removal), Phlebotomy technician (specialist in blood sampling from a vein) and the like. After the end of the program, students go to practice in medical offices. Then national examinations are taken directly at the school, allowing them to continue working in the medical field.

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3. Emergency Medical Technician (ambulance worker)

Yes, in order to go to work for an ambulance, medical education is not necessary. The duties of the ambulance worker include first aid until the patient is taken to the hospital. Requirements for an employee differ depending on the state, but the general conditions for obtaining this specialty are as follows: the applicant must be at least 18 years old, he must have a high school diploma, a certificate indicating that a person can do cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR, and certificate of completion of the curriculum.

The base program takes about 150 hours. In the process of learning, students are taught to use defibrillators, apply dressings, take emergency deliveries, check blood glucose levels, and so on.

An advanced course includes a basic course, plus training for additional procedures — prescribing certain medications, intravenous manipulation, cardio-control. Course duration - at least 250 hours. A good physical shape, a valid driver's license and the absence of any criminal record are also important requirements for working in the ambulance service.

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4. EMT Paramedic (paramedic in ambulance)

This is the final step in an ambulance career. Mastering this program will take 18 to 24 months. You can take training and get such a specialty in colleges, hospitals and fire departments. Certificate program for EMT-Paramedics requires 1000 or more hours of training, as well as extensive clinical and on-site experience. Students learn to act in the event of respiratory or cardiac arrest, to provide primary care and to transport the wounded. In addition, students should receive a general education corresponding to the college level, for example, to take courses in literature, writing, psychology and mathematics. As a rule, such a program lasts about two years.

The popularity of medical professions is growing every day. According to the portal US.News & World Report, the demand for specialists from this field in the next 10 years will increase by as much as 23%. So think about it - maybe this is your calling and the beginning of your career.

Material prepared in partnership with

Institute of Career Continuity

Address: 17 Battery Place, Suite 636
New York, NY, 10004
Tel: 212-335-0711

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