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How to get a driver's license without a social security number

Driving license obtained at home is valid in the United States from 3 months to 1 year from the date of entry into the territory of America. Ultimately, you will have to obtain local rights, which are not easy to issue, having only a tourist visa. Today we will figure out how to get a driver's license without a social security number (SSN Social Security Number) and which states are allowed to obtain rights on a tourist visa.

Each state has its own laws and requirements. See the official website for each individual state. Motor Vehicle Services. Each state has a separate website, which has all the necessary information regarding the requirements, the necessary documents and the procedure for obtaining a driver's license. You can get a driver's license only in the state where you live.

You can safely drive a car with Russian or Ukrainian rights for as long as you like. If you are an obedient driver, do not break the rules of the road, get into accidents and so on, the chance that the police will stop you is not great. Before receiving the green card, I traveled with the Russian 1,5 rights of the year, until I registered my local rights. No problems.

In addition to the driver’s license of a Russian sample, it is required to carry a passport with you to confirm the date of entry into the USA

I think that few people want to carry a passport with them all the time. This requirement can be circumvented in the following way: translate the driver’s license on a separate sheet, even if the rights are duplicated information in English.

Do the translation yourself or with the help of a translator. Then notarize your transfer at a bank or UPS office by providing a passport for confirmation. And do it like this, let's say every 6 months (depending on the requirements of a particular state for driving a vehicle under a foreign license). If you present a notarized translation to the police, then it is not necessary to carry your passport with you, respectively, to advertise the dates of entry into the United States.

The advantages of a driver's license American sample

  1. Driving license is an identity document - ID, which is so often asked in any organization.
  2. All flights within the country are carried out precisely on this document. Americans use their passports only when traveling abroad.
  3. The possibility of registration of various loans.
  4. Cheaper car insurance with American rights. Insurers are not particularly in a hurry to insure drivers with a foreign driver’s license. The sooner you get rights in the United States, the sooner you open your insurance history and you will be able to afford affordable auto insurance over time.

Advantages of a foreign-style driver's license

  1. You will be treated relatively softly by the police when stopping for a violation. It's not about the attitude towards tourists, but about the fact that it will not work to really punish you - just as the police can punish US citizens. Compared to Russia and Ukraine, fines are cosmic. The fact is that a fine is the only punishment for those who do not have a local driving license. In this case, points for violation cannot be counted. If you have such points for violations, for a person with an American driver's license, car insurance will be much more expensive.


Driver's license on a tourist visa in the United States

For immigrants staying in the country illegally, the situation is a little more complicated. They will not be able to apply for social security in order to get a driver's license under US state laws. Since 1993, several states, including Washington DC, have changed laws so that immigrants who are in the country illegally can get a driver's license. Thus, the US government hopes to encourage illegal drivers to take a driving test. Thus, having received a driver's license, subsequently issue an insurance policy for the car.

Some city authorities, including in San Francisco (California), in New Haven (Connecticut), and in Asbury Park (New Jersey) issue a personal identification document (Photo ID) to persons in the United States illegal, but these ID cards cannot be used as a driver's license.

In other states you can get driving license without social security number:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Washington DC (DC).

The laws of the above states allow the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to issue driver's licenses for anyone who can prove their place of residence in the state. If the driver cannot provide the necessary documents confirming his legal residence (social security number), then the driver’s license will be marked accordingly. The law protects discrimination against rights holders with a similar mark. These driver's licenses are not an identity document.


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