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How can I get a green card for work

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According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are four main possibilities for obtaining a green card in the US through work.

If you have a job offer

You can move to the United States with a green card if you have an official job offer from an American company. To do this, the potential employer must have an appropriate certificate of employment for foreigners, as well as a completed application form I-140 on a foreign worker.

Through investment

Green cards are also issued by investors or entrepreneurs who invest their own funds in companies that create new jobs in the United States. The size of investments varies depending on the territory in which the company is established or is already operating, from 500 thousand to a million dollars.

When submitting an individual request

Some categories of immigrants allow themselves to apply for a green card. This option is available to both foreign professionals in various fields with extraordinary abilities (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, EB1 or О1), as well as those with academic degrees to professionals who will meet the national interests of the country (National Interest Waiver, EB2).

By individual work categories

Some categories allow you to apply for a green card for the former or current occupation. Among others, these are employees of international organizations, members of religious organizations, and NATO-6 visa holders, who are issued to civilian activists who accompany NATO military missions.

If you are unable to obtain a new status in the United States, your immigration application will be sent to the US consulate in your country for consideration. To apply for a green card you must have Valid Visa in the U.S..


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